State Of The Spam Report

At the moment the spam folder contains 38,416 spam messages. That’s about 1,280 per day!

I needed to respond to someone on For some reason my direct message to her didn’t go through so I left my email address out in the open. A few minutes later another user sent me a private message.

You posted your email address and I would say that it would probably be best if you removed it – there are people on here and also a lot of bots that will pick it up and you’ll have spam coming for the rest of your life.

Too late on that. The horses are already out of the barn.

My address is hosted by Google/Gmail. Their spam filters are mainly great. Anything spammy goes into its own bin for thirty days. After that it’s automatically discarded.

At the moment the spam folder contains 38,416 spam messages. That’s about 1,280 per day!

I seldom look at it, but did now for research purposes. Scary!

Spam trends change often to try and evade filtering. At the moment there are dozens of messages claiming to be from Pfizer the maker of Viagra. Right.

There are phishing messages that say they’re from AARP. They’re not. This only establishes I am now in an age group too trusting for the net!

At one point spam used to contain lots of porn. Guess you have to search that out on-your-own nowadays. “Naked college girls who want to meet you” have been replaced by ads for those disappointed with their size. In fact the vast majority of my spam is for pharmaceuticals of all type.

Most of my spam is sad. I feel bad for the people who buy.

3 thoughts on “State Of The Spam Report”

  1. People are beginning to learn about spam, Geoff, although there will always be those too trusting of an e-mail and will open ANYTHING that comes their way.

  2. How can I write you if that address goes to SPAM? I’ve tried a couple of times with no response, so I must have ended up in the repository. I’m writing to see if we might be related as my father’s family is from College Point — some people changed their last name to Fox. I’ll e-mail details if I can get through!

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