I Don’t Want Winter

I’m depressed. I see the inevitable. Damn you Mother Nature! I don’t want a return to winter.

I’m depressed. I see the inevitable. Damn you Mother Nature! I don’t want a return to winter.

Helaine and I were watching baseball on TV this weekend. The announcers were making reference to something impossible to avoid as a viewer–long, dark shadows stretching across the field. I remember seeing them even as a kid. It’s a sign the season’s almost over.

I know from an official astronomical standpoint summer’s still chugging along. For weather June/July/August are the unofficial rule. August is gone!

I walked across the Green to get a sub tonight. It was 7:30 PM. The sky was darkening. The Sun was low enough for clouds to be tinged in red.

Everything’s a sign. Everything’s a reminder.

The weekend’s breeze rustled the leaves. They were too supple to make this kind of noise a month or two ago. Soon they’ll litter my driveway and lawn.

Tomorrow a cold front will pass through. There will actually be colder air behind.

I don’t like where this is headed.

I can hardly wait until pitchers and catchers report.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Winter”

  1. Geoff, you are an awesome weather forecaster, pretty much right on the money and pleasant to watch. However, I’m perplexed about one thing; for years now I’ve watched as rain clouds move to the north of my hometown of Haddam and drop their precious load on Middletown & northward. We are SO DRY HERE and I’ve been watering my gardens non-stop for most of the summer! When will we ever get any beneficial rain? Please explain to me why it rains all around us but never on top of us here in Haddam.

    1. Summer rain is cellular–smallish, well defined pockets of rain. They don’t evenly cover. Just an unlucky year for you. Nothing nefarious.

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