Sonia, Darren and Geoff Eat Snack Wraps: The Video

It was a very exciting evening for me. The opportunity of a lifetime to have dinner with Sonia and Darren. I’ve been watching them since I was a little kid. They’re like idols to me!

Darren knew of this little Scottish place near the Connecticut Turnpike so we went for Snack Wraps at McDonalds.

I have culled the most exciting parts of our dinner for this video, but be warned: This will be six minutes of your life you’re never getting back!

16 thoughts on “Sonia, Darren and Geoff Eat Snack Wraps: The Video”

  1. This was very entertaining! It’s always awkward to tell or indirectly tell your friends to cough up money at the drive-thru…

  2. LOL Thanks for the laughs! Notice how Darren is gesturing with his hands to a monitor…that isn’t putting up what he is ordering? lol

  3. Let’s see open beer in the car, distracted driving, making Sonia sit in the back and yelling at her sure the Police be interested in this video you can bet your android and app on that

  4. I loved this video until the part about them doing away with the snack wraps..Seriously? Are they really getting rid of them? It’s the only thing I’ll actually eat at Micky D’s and now I hear they’re dumping them? Please say it isn’t so..and…I get the crispy chicken chipotle!!

  5. Not sure which is funnier: this, last years installments of “Headed to the diner” or Ann’s live chat….

    Funny stuff. Thanks. After the day I had, I needed something like this. Next road trip-bring Nyberg….that’ll make for an interesting video. 😉

  6. Nice Geoff. Funny, good to see the personalities outside the studio. Anymore Geoff Fox productions should have full credits, i.e. produced and directed by Geoff. Sonia played by Sonia etc.

    Keep em coming!!

  7. Too freakin’ funny, Geoff! Somehow, I would’ve guessed going out on the town with Darren and Sonia would be a good time!

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