My Car’s Got A New Windshield

Vibrating like some overgrown marital aid the “Big Dawg” usealed the glass allowing it to be lifted out.

As I prepare to write this blog entry an admission. I’m going to tell you the story of getting my car’s windshield replaced. It doesn’t sound like an interesting story in the abstract, but it was a trip to watch and ended up scratching a huge number of itches!

The windshield had a spiderweb crack on the far lower left side. If a crack’s at the edge there’s no repairing it. The glass must be replaced. Good!

My car is nearly 12 years old. The windshield was full of little pits from thousands of tiny strikes. That posed no problem 95% of the time, but when the Sun was low in the sky the light was refracted randomly. Seeing was difficult!

I watched Mike the windshield tech prepare the car then go to work. He had power tools for everything! No, really–everything!

This little gem on the left is a Dewalt “Big Dawg.” It looked more like a beaver’s tail to me, but I don’t get to name them. Vibrating like some overgrown marital aid the “Big Dawg” unsealed the glass allowing it to be lifted out.

Of all the tools in Mike’s truck the “Big Dawg” was the one that fascinated me the most. When I looked for it on Google the result led me to a site dedicated to “auto glass tools.” How’s that for specialization?

As Mike lifted the glass up and out I found the one thing (actually the six things) I wanted most. A few years ago some coins had fallen between the windshield and dashboard where they’d been trapped. Every time I made a sharp turn they’d noisily slide across the top of the dash.

I’d tried everything to get them out and now here they were! I was so excited I forgot to snap a photo, but they were just sitting there. Lincoln was sticking his tongue out at me. In retrospect it’s amazing how close yet inaccessible they were.

Mike prepped the frame with a black sealant then dropped the new windshield in. It took around an hour from start to finish.

I can see again! The car makes turns quietly. What’s not to like?

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  1. Geoff: Alot of people don’t know that you can get a “full glass coverage” rider…with NO deductible for glass replacement on your automobile/truck insurance policy…regardless of what your comprehensive deductible is on your policy. It’s very inexpensive and well worth it. Many insurance companies offer free glass repair (an injection process) for “bull’s eye” small holes in the windshield but I don’t recommend it for cracks or if the hole is in the driver’s line of sight. Also….tis’ the season to remind vehicle owners not to use hot water on their auto/truck glass to remove ice/snow or to free up frozen wiper arms or blades because it will shatter or crack the glass. As for the coins stuck in the windshield….a good strong vacuum or one or two swizzle sticks,coffee stirers or business cards used together should do the trick with a little patience and manipulation. Vehicle owners should also be aware that the windshield and back glass are also an integral part of the modern automobile’s strength in a collision and the force a collision is transmitted from the front of the car through the windshield to the roof….down the backglass….and over the rear of the car. Therefore, vehicle owners should always make sure that factory glass or replacement glass that meets the “original equipment manufacturer’s” [OEM] is used in the repair. Be advised though that some factory windshields can cost $1500+ or more…especially on foreign cars… the “full glass coverage” rider is a good idea!

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