Backing The Car In Changes Everything

Backing out is for wimps! I’m a real man now. I am a badass.

I had my windshield replaced a few weeks ago. To make things easier for the technician I backed into the garage instead just pulling straight in. With that one act I’m a changed man!

“It looks like you’re in the Bat Cave,” Helaine noticed.

She’s right. With the car pointing toward the door all I can think of is squealing tires and burning rubber! I’m now positioned for a quick getaway should the Commissioner call.

Backing out is for wimps! I’m a real man now. I am a badass.

5 thoughts on “Backing The Car In Changes Everything”

  1. My dad always used to tell me not to back into the garage due to the more CO that would enter the garage from the tailpipe. I don’t know if that was ever measured and quantified, but it made sense to me that the tailpipe be as close to the fresh air as possible.

  2. Hey, the military refers to that as “Combat Parking” for obvious reasons…

    Makes for a fast launch when you are in a hurry.

    Besides, is shows off AWSOME skill in getting the car into the garage straight–anybody can pull in in the normal manner…

  3. It’s comments like that last one that make me love you more, Uncle Geoff. Thanks for the laugh. And to clarify, you truly are a badass.

  4. We have been backing into our garages and parking spaces for years. Like anything else, once you’ve done it a few times it’s no big deal. I agree it makes for a quicker get away!

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