Message On An Air Sickness Bag

I looked at the white, thick piece of plastic coated paper in my hand and wondered what was going on. It was a folded air sickness bag.

I’m writing tonight from Boynton Beach, Florida. Palm trees: yes. Cold: no. My story concerns the flight down.

We left early and got to the airport early. Once on the plane it didn’t take long to fall asleep and stay asleep for around two hours.

As I woke up a woman came to my seat and handed me something. I thought it was Maria the flight attendant with whom I’d been speaking earlier.

I looked at the white, thick piece of plastic-coated paper in my hand and wondered what was going on. It was a folded air sickness bag. There was writing inside the folds so I opened it to see what is shown here (click on the photo for a larger view).

By this time the unseen woman was gone, but I stood up and looked toward the galley. My friend Maria took her index finger and pointed to a young woman in the last row. I walked to her. Kristina and her boyfriend were on their way to a cruise. I hope her trip is as rewarding as my trip this morning!

Maybe it’s getting trite? Maybe I’ve said it too many times? I am humbled by the outpouring of affection from my viewers. I don’t quite know what I did to deserve this. You are too kind.

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  1. It will not be the same without you. I sent an email to WTNH and have not received a message back as to who was the idiot you decided not not to renew your contract. LIN truly sucks.

  2. Awe Geoff, that is too sweet.

    What you did is deliver us the weather in a clearly understandable way for the citizens of Connecticut for 26 years…and I hope for many more 🙂

  3. I think this person summed it up for all of us.
    It is a pleasure reading your blog and making us feel a part of your life.

    Thank you

  4. All true Geoff> My 84 yr.old mom from E haven is a great judge of character, tou are aces in her book. WE ARE NOT OVER WITH THIS. It may be a little selfish on our part, we do not wish to lose your presence in our day to day.
    All the best, Art

  5. Geoff, I can usually tell when someone is “faking it” and I never get that sense with you. You have always felt like a friend or family member giving me the weather and it has been a sense of comfort to know you are there. Sometimes change, for the sake of change, is not good.

    You should not be surprised by the outpouring of affection. Over the years, you have shown us plenty of affection and we are just sending it right back.

    Enjoy your vacation.

  6. Geoff, you answered a few weather-related emails for me some years back. I was impressed that a TV “personality” would take the time to answer questions from a viewer. Thanks. I joined the “Keep Geoff Fox on WTNH” club, but honestly, I hope that whatever happens is what’s best for *you*. Maybe life has something even better in store wherever you wind up next. You once told me you got your start as a weather forecaster before you became a meteorologist. Maybe some other young person needs a start like that now, and you’ll go on to mentor people like him or her.

    Best wishes!

  7. Geoff, I don’t know why but reading this latest tribute to you brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it’s not what was written but the sentiment expressed since people have found out of the grave error your new boss has made. I am a fellow baby boomer and feel you should be able to continue bringing the weather in your interesting and entertaining way. I learned so much about the weather between you and Dr. Mel. I am praying you will be allowed to continue at WTNH. I also pray that your renewed contract includes a provision that you will enjoy job security until you choose to retire up to and including whenever that may be not to be violated by any other future GM! Enjoy your vacation! It’s a tad cold up here tonight in Waterbury with more snow expected Tues. night so you can smile knowing you do not have to drive to or from work in it. God Bless

  8. How nice! You deserve all this positive attention, and being humbled by it all verifies that!

    I mentioned this on your FB page, but it bears repeating. I started watching Channel 8 a long time ago because of Pat Child (a family friend), and stayed on because of Geoff Fox.

    Enjoy Florida.

  9. Geoff, this sort of thinking is what makes us fans of yours…

    “I am humbled by the outpouring of affection from my viewers. I don’t quite know what I did to deserve this. You are too kind.”

    What you did was a wonderful way of communicating with the public, and always a perfect gentleman. We even got to hear a tiny bit about your wife, daughter and puppy.

    I emailed LIN well as WTNH with my opinion. Basically, I asked them……”are you CRAZY?????”

    I hope there is a chance we might get you back. If not, I shall not watch WTNH again (I watched for 25 years). I wish you all the best and know you will get many offers from stations who appreciate quality when they see it!
    (Mrs.)Carroll Hogan

  10. what did you do to deserve this??
    well geoff each night you came into our homes, informed us and educated us,make us laugh or even sometimes grimace 🙂 you are family and we thank you for your dedication to the good people of connecticut!
    even tho i have never met you, your kindness was/is felt every night
    enjoy your time in florida
    many thanks <3

  11. Geoff,

    You are receiving all of this support because you are so adored by your viewers! You’ve been in all of our homes for many years and you give us a great explanation of the weather. You are so personable and make us laugh with your little jokes here and there. We don’t want you to go!!!

    What a touching message on the bag. Thanks so much for sharing, and have a safe and enjoyable vacation!


  12. I am surprised this has not yet made National News. The incredible outpouring of affection from your viewers is unbelievable. The Rock Star Meteorologist! I agree with each and every one. Enjoy the vacation and your family.

  13. Well I tell you
    I do not know who is running channel 8 but they need their head examined ! When things aint broke don’t fix um. Dam fools.
    And I am one that was forever bellying aching about Geoff Fox and telling him off while sitting on my couch at least once a week. But He is the best metorologist with any form of personality on any Connecticut station and he has a way w/ folks. So whoever is in charge , I ask, what are you going to do
    if you get rid of Geoff ? , get another Playboy Bunny on Channel 8 to now do the weather.

  14. I think that Air Sick Bag note is just magnificent. It should be framed. What a sweet thing to do. You can certainly “go to sleep” tonight secure in the fact that so many people hold you so dear. Your boss/es couldn’t have ever predicted this outcome. (I’m betting they feel pretty foolish by now….)(….and they should!!!)

  15. Geoff, when one door closes, another opens! You are an up-beat, positive person and new and better things are going to happen in your life! You’re smart, personable and creative! Sorry to see you go, but it’s going to to be better for you! Best of luck to whatever comes your way!! Take care of yourself!

  16. Kudos to Kristina! The thought of you not delivering my 11pm weather makes me just a little heartsick so how apropos to improvise on an air sickness bag…Geoff, I miss you already!

    Happy Vacation from a fan in Hamden.

  17. Geoff,
    Wow, you have touched so many people in Connecticut. Have you ever thought about running for Office and maybe be the next Governor of Connecticut. Your like a part of Connecticut that can never let you go.

  18. I have written LIN and let them know, I shall NOT watch WTNH or go to anymore. You are the best personality in Meteorology that I have seen. I love teaseing you about how I am in my Head dress and JuJu Beads every time that there is a possibility of snow, Doing my Dance. And love how you tell me that I need help. (LOL)


  19. The personnel changes that have been occuring at this station in recent years strike me as being motivated by age discrimination. Persons 40 and older are in a protected class under federal law. You should see a lawyer.

  20. All I can say is, “BOYCOTT”! My friends and I have signed petitions and written to LIN… The individuals who made this error should be let go! You are very well loved and the ONLY reason that anyone watches WTNH is to see YOU every evening! I don’t watch the news portion on this station, but always switch to your report. You and Dr. Mel feel like a family members. I’m totally disgusted… I will not watch this station if (God forbid), you are removed!

    I have a meteorological question: Could the latest volcanic eruptions be a contributor to the funky weather patterns that we have been having? It happened in the 90’s, causing heavy snows and gorgeous sunsets- remember?

  21. What did you do? You’ve been there for all of us for the last 26 years — being honest, professional and personable — we couldn’t ask for more Geoff and as your note leaver said “You still have a lot of ground to cover” and I hope it’s covered in 4-leaf clovers for you!! You deserve it!

    Best and Enjoy your vacation!

  22. Everyone appreciates how down to earth you are in giving us the weather forecasts. You didn’t over-hype storms and if you messed up you ‘fessed up.
    Also enjoyable was you immersion in other science programs that demonstrated your love for the science involved.
    I hope they change their minds…enjoy your vacation.
    Thanks for your years of service to us, Geoff.

  23. Geoff,

    I just found out that your contract is not being renewed at WTNH. I have been watching you since I was much younger; I am 33 going on 34, and I always mention to my husband how much I love watching you do the weather. You always look so excited and interested in doing your job. You explain everything, and I love watching you. Someone has made a grave mistake, and I can only hope that another local station is smart enough to snatch you up, and allow us to enjoy your weather reporting as we have for many years. I for one am appalled, and want you to know that you are fantastic. Keep being you; it’s what we all love about watching you. Thank you for all that you have done, and best wishes to you in the future

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