Ice, Baby

Meanwhile, while all this scary stuff is going on the overall view is amazing. Nearly all our trees are fully encased in ice!

I opened the door and poked my head out. It’s cloudy, 34&#176 and nearly calm. It sounds like it’s raining. That’s the sound of icicles melting and dripping!

We’re finally getting to survey our surroundings in the light-of-day. It is at once beautiful, overwhelming and a little frightening.

Last night I wrote about our “U” shaped tree. How much longer can it hold that position before it snaps?

The powerlines are sagging under the weight of the ice. They’ve held so far which implies they’ll continue to hold as the weight lessens. If the wind kicks in all bets are off.

My driveway is coated in ice. There are a few puddles, but even they are just hiding more ice. I’m driving Helaine to the supermarket in a little while and I expect parts of the trip will be white knuckle..

Meanwhile, while all this scary stuff is going on the overall view is amazing. Nearly all our trees are fully encased! This is not unheard of. It just doesn’t happen often and when it does the ice doesn’t last this long.

With all this icing it’s easy to miss the snow which fell by the foot while we were away. Snow settles over time. Piles naturally get smaller even without melting. That makes what I’m seeing even more impressive.

Less than 24 hours ago I was standing next to the “too hot” complaining woman at LAX. I’ll bet she wouldn’t trade.

16 thoughts on “Ice, Baby”

  1. Yes, welcome back! Quite a week we’ve had here in CT. The time went by quicker reading your very enjoyable posts of your trip. What time are you in where the ice is so thick? We had no branches coated in Marlborough, but started seeing some driving through Glastonbury today.

  2. Isn’t this some kind of a culture shock, coming back here from warm Florida and California? When I just typed Florida I thought of your father, always cold even in Florida. Bet he is happy it is you and not him being in CT right now!!

  3. Geoff, there is an opening in Chattanooga, Tenn.Chanel 9. we have a temporary weatherman now. would love you to relocate.

  4. Oh, thanks goodness. I was hoping you were just on vaca. I really TRUST your weather forecast. Didn’t realize how much I depend on you till you weren’t there for a couple “events”. I went to to check on you. Welcome home. And ignore the Tenn offer! 😉

    1. I know there has been some confusion. I return next Wednesday and then work through the end of February. My contract expires February 28. I am not being offered a new contract.

      There’s nothing else I wish to say except I appreciate the kind wishes and support of our viewers. Oh… and that I’ll see you on TV Wednesday.

  5. I bet you know the meaning of the chemical term when water in a solid state changes to water in the vapor state. It’s called subliming. So whatever happens to you life in the next few weeks or months…. I hope it’s sublime.

  6. Janauary 20, 2011

    Dear Geoff,
    Welcome home. I am going to miss you on channel 8 and when you leave I will be leaving too. What is linmediat and channel 8 thinking. Don’t they know how much you are watch. You do your forcasting so well. It isn’t boring. You made what watching channel 8 forcating what it is today. Do you know what you will be doing? Please let us know. I feel so bad that this is happening to you and your family. Did you know this was going to happen which I don’t think should have happen. Going to miss you but will be looking for another station. Good luck your in my prayers and as long as your family is too.
    Sheena (Waterbury,CT0

  7. Hi Geoff,
    I am not very fun of facebook or twiter, or any other chat rooms, although my daughter insists that I should log on everyday so that I can find out what is she doing. However, I am very found of you, and that is why I am writting you a note. I have missed you in the Weather updates in Channel 8. Now I only see Gil or Dr. Mel. I hope that you are doing OK and are just on vacation. I hope to see you again soon
    Take care dear,

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