Sad To Be Home In The Snow

Would I have gotten it right when so many underpredicted? Probably not, but since we’re dealing in fantasy: Of course. I would have nailed it.

To me today feels a little like July 10, 1989. I know, July and January are very different. It makes no difference. July 10, 1989 was a big weather day and I wasn’t there. It still stings a little to think about it.

July 10, 1989 was the day Hamden saw an F4 tornado! Farther upstate in Bantam there was an F3. For me it was a day I had wisdom teeth extracted. I watched most of the tornado coverage from home!

It’s the same with last night’s storm and today’s dig out. I am frustrated to be home.

Would I have gotten it right last night when so many underpredicted? Probably not, but since we’re dealing in fantasy: Of course. I would have nailed it.

At the moment the snow on our back deck is at least four feet deep. To get to our front steps you have to walk through a canyon of snow. It’s totally nuts! There are piles on my street higher than my vantage from the driver’s side window.

I had to leave the house this afternoon to drop a DVD off at FedEx. There will probably be lots of that over the next few weeks. I rolled a little video to give my out-of-town friends a feel for what they’re missing.

Brief answer: Nothing!

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    1. Shipping the DVDs is interesting, because I built a website specifically to take their place. There are some places where the DVD is more useful I hadn’t considered.

  1. Don’t worry Geoff, you will be back on the air again in no time. There are many more storms out there waiting for you to predict them. and many people waiting to hear what you have to say. I still think you should do the weather from face book LOL

  2. Channel 8 weather isn’t very interesting anymore…its rather boring to watch. I’ve changed to 2 different channels…fox 61 and channel 3.
    Hope to see you on one of those channels soon…

  3. I realize, that because, you are technically (probably) still under contract until the end of your contract, you can’t talk weather, or do a Fb weather log, but I hope you know how much you are missed. It is very difficult for someone to be told they cannot do what they love to do. I hope there is a lot of great stuff coming your way. There will always be the weather. Just don’t get rusty.

    1. Kris – Yes, everyone should understand WTNH has not backed away from their obligations. I am still employed until February 28.

  4. Did that poor guy ever get his truck out of the snow? (sigh)… The last time I saw this much snow was enroute to Buffalo near Rochester in 1993… I remember thinking, “Thank GOD I don’t live THERE!!!” Now, the people in Buffalo are saying they’re glad they don’t live here….. (sigh)…..

  5. You are very missed. I can only imagine how much you would rather be in the studio predicting and reporting, rather than be at home. Think of the difficult driving that you were able to avoid!!

  6. This shows the true character of the management of channel 8. They didn’t believe you would take the high road in your final month with them and just “do your job” as you always have. I have no doubt you’ll find work on the air somewhere. It may take some time to happen but don’t lose hope in the search.

  7. This is the time I miss you the most Geoff..let’s face it we are dealing with a weather phenomena here. I have not seen this much snow in all my life (& I was born during the Truman Administration) Latest forecast says we may be in for another big one this coming Wednesday …anything to add to that ?

  8. Still miss you Geoff. Listening to Fox and Channel 3 now. As you requested, I don’t want to punish your former colleagues – “some” of the “oldie but goodies” that I still respect. But can’t bring myself to keep listening to News 8 anymore!
    Glad to hear your voice once again on the video. Brings back fond memories!!! Hopefully, we’ll be hearing you once again on another station! 🙂

  9. January 27, 2011

    Dear Geoff,
    I am praying soon that a door will be opening and it will be a happy one. I heart goes out to you and your family. It wasn’t right what Mr. Higgins did and not let you finish. You must be hurting so much in said and grieving in some ways and worrying where the money will come by. You have a beautiful family. I hope you will be working soon what you know best being a weather forcaster. I hope that your viewers wrote did not effect your job in anyway. Please keep in contact. We love you.


    1. Sheena and others. Please don’t worry. Hopefully I’ll find something fun to do sooner rather than later. Helaine and I are well positioned to weather this storm.

      What I would like you to worry about are the fine charities I tried to help through TV exposure. Please remember the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and March of Dimes Blue Jeans for Babies and the amazing (and expensive) work they do.

  10. Geoff – my heart is heavy (heavier than the snow piles) to hear of your “dismissal” from WTNH. For me, the weather just isn’t the same if you’re not there. My husband actually came home a couple of weeks ago and announced that WTNH was not renewing your contract. I was instantly floored and asked the question – “what are they thinking?!” What’s next, fire Ann or Dr. Mel? I just wanted to let you know that no one “educated” me about the weather like you did. I even emailed you many, many years ago telling you that the people at my work called me Geoff Fox, Jr., which you so graciously replied back saying that was not a good thing because in the Jewish faith, people are named after only dead people and you weren’t ready to go yet! I will keep checking in on you to see where you will be going – maybe I’ll follow. I’ll keep you and your family (even the dog!) in my prayers. God’s got this, don’t worry. Your faithful viewer, Linda Mossberg, Lisbon, CT

  11. Hi Geoff,

    I just got caught up to speed and didn’t realized News 8 made the biggest mistake in the world! I did send them a strongly worded but respectful feedback that they are doing the Jay Leno. Now that I know as of tonight, I am no longer watching news 8, even though I enjoy watching Ann, Keith and Ted but it’s not the same without you with your sidebar jokes and cute comments. Let’s not forget Mr. Science too. I enjoy those and learn something new everyday. I just hope you stay in the state but I understand if you can’t but your fans love you and miss you very much!!!

  12. Naugatuck got about 17″ last night of the 6-12″ that were predicted. I think it stopped about 3 AM—just knew it wasn’t snowing when I tried to take the dog out at 4AM—couldn’t get out the door. Got an e-mail from a friend showing snow in S.Dak.-when I forwarded it, I commented that we’ll catch up to them in another week! Guess I should get out there and take pictures of this yrs snows—piles so high that I can’t see out from the driveway to the road. My new ‘rescue’ cairn didn’t like the thunder, either.
    I wrote the other night about your frustration at being idle–thanks for addressing that. I know what it can do to a person–back in ’85 my clergy husband was on disability and we moved back home(here). For about 6 mos he was without a pulpit and it was terrible.He did not know what to do–did learn a lot about the computer, though. When the conference learned he was available and languishing, they started giving him calls. He retired twice from interim ministry positions–1998 and 2002.
    I am confident someone will open their eyes and realize what a commodity they have in you and the proverbial door will open.
    Barb from Naugatuck

  13. Dear Geoff,

    I still think you should join NECN and work with Matt Noyes up at Salem State in MA. He’s the only one who predicted this storm right and I think you’d be a great fit there. See if they want ya! 🙂

  14. Dear Geoff,
    Sooo missed your input on television today, but enjoyed seeing and reading this posting. Thank you for taking the time to answer some people’s comments, especially mentioning the charities you support. We teachers appreciate your presence at the CAS dinners and my Facebook profile pic is currently the photo you graciously posed for with my son and me at the last CAS gala. Thank you for all you do!

    Nancy in Naugatuck

  15. Have you posted, and if not I’d sure like you too, your thoughts on this persistent bombing run.

    Usual suspects:

    NAO *very* negative
    North Atlantic *very* warm
    Siberian snow cover (Cohen thesis)
    reduced pressure differential between Arctic lats and mid lats

    and there may be others (not counting the global warming deniers; by the way, it seems Greenland and Iceland are basking in record balmy temps).

    And what weather gear do you know have access to? Have you been banned from the facility, or only banned from the air? Can you go there and build forecasts?

  16. I think all this snow is because the Weather Gods are very upset at what happened to you. What better way to express their opinion?

  17. Hang in there Geoff
    So good to hear your voice again. You are missed and loved by so many the universe has to be listening to our pleas.

  18. Geoff, not sound to redundant, but you are sorely missed. I think I liked you so much because you’re such a blend of geekiness, passion and dry humor… like me. 🙂
    The weather at WTNH is NOT the same. During big storms interacting with Dr. Mel your respect for him and passion for weather were unashamedly obvious. It was great to see you interact in that way. That wasn’t present in recent broadcasts. I do believe they made a big mistake and hopefully things will change there. Regardless, I know you’ll land on your feet and hopefully within the Connecticut broadcast radius.

  19. I was wondering if you missed being “on” for this storm. We definately miss your humorous yet informed take on the weather at hand. On another note, you might want to get the snow off your deck. Part of the deck at my parents house collapsed last weekend with the weight of all the snow and that was before this last batch. At least you have time to shovel it. Take care.

  20. Don’t forget Geoff, if you need any references you have over 10,000 on your FB support site! I can’t imagine who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to have a guy with such devoted viewers working for them. 🙂

  21. My goodness, Geoff, the only other time I remember that much snow was the Blizzard of 1978 – I lived in Madison at the time. My Dad and I tried to shovel out our driveway when that storm started and he asked me to check the radio to find out what they were saying about the snow. When I came back and told him we were going to get at least 2 feet, he said, “Not worth it now – we’ll dig out later”.

  22. I was wondering where you were all week and even exclaimed to my husband about the smaller clipper this week – Geoff would have predicted it right. I was completely unaware until I Googled your name today that you were no longer with WTNH! We were on our honeymoon (in warm Peru and Belize) when the announcement was made, so I had no idea. I have to admit – I got a bit misty. I grew up watching you because my parents always watched you and I have watched ever since. I can tell you this – since their movement of Ann and Ted from the 11pm broadcast, and now this – I’m done. Here’s to better horizons for you!

  23. Dear Mr. Fox,
    I miss you. I’m sure there is nothing I can say that hundreds of people haven’t already mentioned. I’m not sure what the powers that be were thinking when they took CT’s best friend off the air but I sure hope some smart people somewhere are getting ready to put you back on. Until then, I’ll be watching weather, flipping channels, and waiting for someone to do it as well as you. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long wait…

  24. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. I have stopped watching channel 8 and hope that the ratings reflect mass viewer exit.. Keep your chin up. You have shown great character. Hope to see you on TV soon.

  25. I just found out you’re not coming back. I was wondering where you were, thinking you were on vacation. I didn’t even want to watch the new guy predict the storms because I didn’t trust him. I’m so sorry they treated you so poorly. I won’t be watching WTNH at night anymore.

  26. dear geoff,
    I couldn’t believe it when my sister told me they didn’t renew your contract. It was like hearing a loved one passed on. you’re really going to be missed. My husband and i like so many others will watch other channels. love you

  27. Hi Geoff,

    I am so sad and angry that you are not on the air. WTNH has lost a great weatherman and the only I really trusted. Please, please keep us posted, let us know where you go. I will NOT watch Newschannel 8 again either. Best of luck!!

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