Good News In My Fortune Cookie

The meal is inconsequential. It’s the fortune cookie that’s blown me away!

Chinese food tonight. I drove the five minutes to a new take-out place. The meal is inconsequential. It’s the fortune cookie that’s blown me away!

29 thoughts on “Good News In My Fortune Cookie”

  1. Sometimes it takes being hit on the head by a 2 x 4 for me to realize the obvious–you got your truth via a fortune cookie! WTG!

  2. Wow, you went to Emerson College? My son, a senior English Major at Gordon College, north of Boston applied and did not get in. And he got the Media Award at South Kent School. But Emerson College is a great place. Maybe you can teach there or something. Love the fortune cookie!:)

  3. Can’t wait for you to share the good news! (Once it happens.) Which I know it will and it will far surpass anything WTNH ever did or could do for you. Geoff you are the Best!

  4. Absolutely LOVE those fortune cookies with a positive message that gives hope! And we all hope this is true, Geoff, and we hope it’s in Connecticut!! Good Luck!

  5. It was only a matter of time before it became published public knowledge! 🙂

    I hope it doesn’t take you away from us! After all, you are OUR weatherman and always will be. But if you do have to become the weatherman of the nation or something akin to that, I’m sure we will learn to SHARE you with another appreciative audience.

    And we will all collectively turn to TNH and go “NYAA-NYAA!!”

    P.S.: I, too, love the granite!

  6. How amazing!! That’s an incredible fortune! Not to change the subject (but I’m going to), does “dry” snow melt at a different rate than wet snow. Just wondering how quickly some of these dried out piles of snow will take to melt vs. the snow that still seems pretty fresh.

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