The State Of The Geoff Address

I have been speaking with stations in-and-out of Connecticut. There’s interest from them and from me.

I just answered a question from a viewer on Facebook, but I thought I’d add it here as well since it answers some questions many of you have asked about when I’ll be back on-the-air.

I have been speaking with stations in-and-out of Connecticut. There’s interest from them and from me. The question is whether we can hammer out an agreement that serves their interests and mine.

Outside our market I am looking at stations with current staff openings.

It’s different here in Connecticut. I am unexpectedly available, but have value (as shown by all of you here and on Facebook). They’d have to find money not currently budgeted and room for me within their current staff. It’s all a very delicate balance.

I am hopeful something will happen sooner rather than later.

I didn’t mention this on Facebook, but I should have. The response from viewers on my blog, Facebook and in news article comments is reassurance to potential employers. You say I am a worthwhile guy!

Not only have you kindly responded to me, but many of you have told stories that show my commitment to my viewers is real and long standing.

Often resumes end by offering references on request. All I have to do is say, “Call any 203/860 number and ask.”

25 thoughts on “The State Of The Geoff Address”

  1. Channel 3 news has been bragging on their ratings lately. I hope they remembered to call and thank you for all the irate viewers who abandoned 8 and switched to 3. 🙂

    1. Deb: Are you KIDDING?? I absolutely HATE Meredith’s station. Scot The Entertainer needs to go. Bruce is BORRRRRRING!!! And they banished Mark to the Science Center. Aside to G.: Go for it! Pull a “Pat Sheehan”! Then, after LIN gets out of the 8, you can jump back — provided the new owner provides you the appropriate remuneration :-)….

  2. In case those other stations are reading this, hello, other station – I’ll switch to your broadcasts when you hire Geoff – I promise! (And there are lots and lots of us who will!)

    1. I absolutley echo what is being said. Where you go Geoff .. we go. I refuse to watch channel 8 news/weather anymore.!! I could always trust you Geoff to give me the straight answer on the weather. Seems like everyone else is more interested in hyping everything. That trust is hard to find these days. I go where you go.

  3. While its still a mystery where you will land, I think its safe to say, Lin Media is hoping its not in one of their markets, and you can bet WTNH is hoping its not in CT
    else their viewer-ship would take a bigger hit than it already has.

    Hope its something great coming you way

  4. you mentioned checking out portland, geoff. if you need a reference from a portland local who knows your work well, please let me know here or on fb or on twitter or in email. i can definitely tell them the huge void you’ll fill in this market. they’re all missing a personal touch that you and your former colleagues had.

  5. I agree 100% with Melanie–“Hello, other station? Hire Geoff! You won’t be disappointed. He’s genuine, funny, loyal and a great TV personality. He brings with him a wealth of meteorological knowledge as well as over 10,000+ fans/viewers. Not a bad resume! Where he goes, WE go…and support your advertisers!” There. ’nuff said.

  6. I’m one of the switchers to 3 after 50 some-odd years of 8. Thank you for keeping us posted. I’ll give a serious shot to a CT station that hires you! Really hope that’s the case!

  7. Experience does speak loudly. Are you happy to see Don Lark coming to WTNH, even if it’s only weekends for now?

    1. Scott Stone – Don Lark’s was off for quite awhile now, and most people in CT under age 35 aren’t really familiar with him. But everybody – and I do mean EVERYBODY – knows Geoff Fox.

  8. I have a feeling you will find something very soon. You have alot going for you and would be and asset on and off the air for any station that picks you up.

    Geoff, may I ask what you are looking for in a new station? I obviously don’t mean money wise, of course, but I’m just curious about what on air personality such as yourself looks for when looking at prospective employers.

  9. Once again Geoff, I wish you the very best. I keep checking Channel 8 thinking that you’ll be back and I don’t see you, but they’ve hired several new people. I don’t understand their reasoning and I feel very strongly that they (channel 8) owe us viewers who have supported them all these years some sort of explanation. I think that you can get my e-mail off of this. If you can I would like to hear from you.

    Irene Brickman-smith

  10. I do absolutely agree with those who are saying they will watch whichever CT station is wise enough to hire you! The stations should be scrambling to take you on because their ratings will soar!
    I no longer watch channel 8 because of their shoddy treatment of you!

  11. Where you go, I will follow
    Any station that will put you on,
    You know I need, need you to be with me
    I will follow
    Where you lead

    I won’t go to sleep yet
    Cause it’s not a safe bet
    Feelin’ lonely and so cold
    All you have to do is tell me
    How this weather pattern will unfold
    And I’ll be there, where ever you will be.

    Get to work Geoff- we need you!

  12. I grew up watching you on TV. In fact when I take my kids back to Connecticut for a visit, I would always turn on the station to watch your weather reports. I would tell my kids, “This is where I get my weather in CT!” I am sorry to hear you are not there anymore, but it sounds like things are looking good for you!

  13. You are worthwhile, Geoff. I’ll be one of the viewers following you to wherever you land… uh, so long as that’s in the Connecticut area, of course. I look forward to seeing you on the air again someday soon!

  14. I’m with everyone else on this. I no longer watch that channel and I’m sure you will find something soon. I can’t wait to see you on tv again,you are the best weatherman out there and we all need you back.Where ever you go i will follow.

  15. I am soo depressed.. I cannot stand to watch wtnh anymore without Geoff- the station lost it’s appeal for me when he left. The replacements in the weather dept.are boring and wooden-sad to say!The station needs to get a clue and hire him back! Geoff-please let us know what lucky station lands you–thats the station I (and many others!) will be watching..I (we) really miss you!

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