Tallulah’s Back!

Tallulah eats at a speed which suggests she thinks a meteor is headed toward Earth and she’d better hurry.

We are dog starved! That’s why when Tracey called to ask if we’d watch Tallulah her adorably docile mini dachshund, we asked if she’d like to stay two nights instead of one!

Tallulah has arrived. She’s on the sofa right now.

As dogs go Tallulah is very easy. She has toys, but she doesn’t play with them. She’s content to lay on the sofa comfortably enveloped by the softness of her blankets. If from time-to-time your hand reaches over and gently massages her back that’s fine too!

Tallulah eats at a speed which suggests she thinks a meteor is headed toward Earth and she’d better hurry. I’ll have video of that later.

Dogs are calming and soothing. It’s a trait they get by emulating Tallulah!

It’s possible by the time Tracey returns we’ll have packed up with no forwarding address.

29 thoughts on “Tallulah’s Back!”

  1. You know what the solution is, Geoff. Get a dog of your own. Simple thing. No packing up is involved. Then when Talullah comes visiting, she will have a playmate. A win-win situation!

      1. Good. It makes sense to wait till you know what is happening, but I know you and Helaine will be good dog parents. (I’m a big dog obsessed myself.)

  2. I’m a cat lover but I totally understand the need to have an animal family member. I hope your situation is resolved soon and it doesn’t entail moving – well, that’s for my sake.

  3. She is so cute! And obviously has good judgment – why get all charged up about anything other than the impending meteor and, more importantly, its effect on dinner? Do you refer to her as your grand-dog? (Be honest!)

  4. Tallulah’s soulful eyes would get to me, lol. I’m known as a cat lady, but I love anything except snakes, grew up with menageries that included dogs and refused to give up pets when I was diagnosed with allergies (luckily not life-threatening asthma reactions or anything). I wondered what happened to the dog you used to bring to the show. I hope you can adopt a new dog from a shelter or somewhere. I believe we get as much and more from our pets as we give.

    About the computer, lots of luck! I’m figuring out Corel Painter 11 and that’s enough for me! LOL

  5. Cudos for doing the adoption route for a dog. We’ve rescued two Belgian Tervuren’s and they are great!! Not to mention all the other type of dogs we’ve adopted along the way…..Glad you’re going to provide that elusive “forever home” to some needy canine.
    Good job!!!!! And good luck in your search ( Petfinder.com is a great source!!)

  6. I will never forget you or precious Ivey(RIP)…she was so docile…laying on the news desk…lol.

    1. Ivy…sorry 🙁 hate people who can’t spell…lol.

      Do you have any old pics of Ivy that you can post?

  7. I have 3 dogs and I love them all they bring you such joy. I like
    when I pull into the driveway and they look out the window and
    see me the get so happy and run to the door. I know 3 is a lot
    but the last one no one wanted so we took her and she is the
    most loving dog.

  8. My niece is in love with Dachsunds! She will be 9 this month and says she’ll do anything for one (she’s right next to right now). Geoff – when you say you’ll be adopting a dog soon, do mean from a shelter/rescue?

    1. Yes. It is our desire to rescue a dog. We haven’t worked out all the details, but I’m guessing when we’re ready there will be blog readers to help.

  9. This makes me smile… my Mom, who passed away in October, LOVED seeing Ivy when you had her in the studio. Always called me in to the room from whatever I was doing, no matter how important it was!

  10. When my two feline monsters act up and cause havoc, which is frequently, I tell them that the next cat I get will be a dog.

  11. Geoff, a good friend of mine owns a non-profit Dachshund rescue league here in CT. She is amazing–her energy and determination to find the perfect homes for the dogs would make YOU blush! Message me on FB when the time is right if you’d like.

  12. Rocco our Doberman was a rescue and he was 2 when we got him. Rocco turned 10 last month, and we couldn’t ask for a better dog to be around Tyler. The major problem, he is a bed hog at 80 pounds!! I miss Ivy, Max and Burnham everyday. Oh the stories those dogs could tell. Nothing compares to the unconditional love of a pet. GO FOR IT!!!

  13. I used to love seeing Ivy when you’d have her on TV with you. I had two Westies at the time. Both have passed now, but I have a Norwich terrier. Love those terriers … all dogs, really. They make life happier.

  14. Faith–my mom passed in September and was a very loyal Geoff Fan to the end. She also would call me up to “Turn on Geoff; he has the dog on tonight!” (We used to laugh and say to her, the news was incidental–she only cared about Geoff’s weather!) Geoff, a dog is so good for you. Our dogs make us feel good each day. So worth the effort! 😀

  15. I remember Ivy so well. I’m glad you’re going to get another dog. I, too, can help with that so add me to your list. lol. I think there are plenty of us on here who are involved with rescue and/or know people who are. Btw, if anyone is interested in a very well trained min. poodle (Obedience and rally titles), contact me. His owner died and he needs a home! Maybe you, Geoff?? 😉

  16. Tallulah’s a rescue dog too!!! She was in a puppy mill in TN.

    However she hit the lottery with me…

    Or perhaps I with her…

    Either way I’m so glad G & H will be adopting!

  17. She is adorable! I too have a full house! Six birds (very big ones) and now later in life I have rescued 5 cats raised from kittens in the wild. What a combo but the cats don’t bother the birds when they are out on their play stand. Interestingly enough my blue and gold has on occasion resorted to finding me in the house when he gets bored by resorting to walking around on the ground and banging on doors with his beak once he has located me. That may not seem too odd but he has 5 cats tagging along behind him without incident. Animals are so amazing.

  18. A minister and a priest were arguing about when life begins. one said at conception the other said at birth. They decided to ask their friend the Rabi. “Rabi, I say life begins at conception and the minister says at birth. What do you think?” The Rabi said “Life begins when the dog dies and the kids move away”.

    We love dogs and cats. we can appreciate snakes but, would never own one. they should be in their own environment. Our dog died 10 years ago and I still slowly open the door so I don’t hit him in the nose with the door. I miss him but, it’s nice not to worry who’s going to watch him when we go on vacation or the vet bills and the worse thing, making a decision to end his life. That was a sad time for me. 10 years and I still have a tear. The only one that greeted me when I came home from work.

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