Tracey’s Digital Trash Can!

Normally a blinking LED wouldn’t make much difference, but this one was embedded in the lid of her trash can!

I stopped by Tracey’s condo Tuesday on my way into New Haven. She’d asked me to repair a laptop owned by her cousin. One new hard drive later, voila!

On my way out I walked by the kitchen. That’s when I noticed the brief blink of an LED.

“What’s that?” I asked.

Normally a blinking LED wouldn’t make much difference, but this one was embedded in the lid of her trash can!

Call me crazy, but I’ve never seen a trash can that opens if you wave your hand over it… until now. We live in remarkable times.

Click the test pattern to see the video!

[jwplayer image=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/testpattern.png” mediaid=”9117″]

14 thoughts on “Tracey’s Digital Trash Can!”

  1. My sons have one of these. It opens every time I walk past it. It can be a bit creepy, but is great when your hands are wet or have food on them (while preparing a meal) and you need to toss something. It is a bit pricey for me at this point, but I might ask for one for Christmas.

  2. I’ve had 2 of these for a few years now. They’re fabulous – especially when both hands are full of stuff you want to throw away. Not all that surprising, my nickname is Gadget Girl!!

  3. I love mine!
    I’m surprised gadget guy (aka Mr. Geoff) doesn’t have one!!
    They are also at Bed Bath and Beyond.
    I bought mine online several years ago on but BB&B one’s are cheaper.

  4. I bought mine 6 years ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I recently got rid of it to make room for a larger can which opens with a foot pedal. Geoff sorry to tell you this isn’t a new item it’s been around.

    It takes 4 D batteries which make the top really heavy and sometimes it gets stuck in the up position and you have to replace the batteries often, not great. If you have it near an open window and there is a strong breeze the top will go up on it’s own because of that movement. Just thought you would like to know this.

  5. One of our friends have one and as Denese said, every time you walk past it, the top opens. Scared me out of my wits the first time it happened. Geoff, I can’t believe that there’s one gadget that you didn’t know about!

  6. I bought mine a few years ago through Amazon. I love it and would not trade it for anything. Of course, so don’t my grandchildren love it and I usually have to replace the batteries once they have gone home, lol. And yes, it will greet you if you get to close to it when you walk buy, but at least it never has anything bad to say!

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