Unexpectedly We’re In New York City… In The Rain

She made the suggestion at 4:00 PM. By 5:00 PM we were packed, had a half price hotel reservation through HotWire and were in the car heading toward the city.

I’m not going to lie. Wednesday was a pretty rotten day for me. It’s funny how quickly things can turn around. Thursday was great! Good calls. Good emails. Good haircut. I was asked to host an awards dinner. I got a call from my agent.

No. It’s not what your thinking. She’s not that kind of agent. Stick with me.

Since I’m currently not gainfully employed I thought I’d see if I could do some commercials and corporate videos. They use a similar skill set to TV broadcasting. It’s ‘day labor’ so I can do this and still look for a ‘real’ job.

Anyway, Debbie the agent has me set for an audition (with a zillion others) Friday in Manhattan. I asked Helaine if she wanted to take the train in with me. She had a better idea.

“Why don’t we go to New York and spend the night?”

Wow! She is the gift that keeps on giving.

She made the suggestion at 4:00 PM. By 5:00 PM we were packed, had a half price hotel reservation through HotWire Expedia&#185 and were in the car heading toward the city.

We’re at Morgans a boutique hotel on Madison Avenue. The folks at the front desk couldn’t have been nicer (and business is probably slow) so they moved us to a ‘superior’ room. It’s starkly modern, but large and comfortable. Not a particularly impressive view from the 15th floor. We’re looking directly at the building across the street!

So, there we were in Manhattan. It was about 7:30 PM. It was time for my contribution.

“Let’s see a show.”

Within minutes we were in a cab driving through the rain to TKTS in Times Square. I’ve written about this place before. They sell half price tickets for on and off Broadway shows.

We bought tickets to see the Addams Family partially because Nathan Lane is in the cast… or so said the TKTS iPhone app! Nope. He left last week. We didn’t see his replacement either. We got the understudy!

The show wasn’t perfect, but it was very good.

The Lunt Fontanne Theater has a large and deep stage. This show took advantage with oversized sets moving in and out. I haven’t checked to see if it won a Tony for set design. It should have.

Morticia is played by BeBe Neuwirth and she’s great as was Uncle Fester played by Brad Oscar. The real standout in the cast was Grandma played totally over-the-top by Jackie Hoffman.

Where the show failed for me was its inability to decide whether the Addamses were lovable or terrible. Sometimes the conflict just got in the way. That was especially true of Wednesday Addams, the daughter whose engagement is the focus of the plot.

Most of the music is forgettable, but it’s Broadway music performed by actors who can sing and dance and a large orchestra of top pros. Even forgettable is enjoyable on Broadway. I am a sucker for Broadway!

The show let out and we headed back to the hotel. New York City’s night of windblown rain was peaking as we walked the ten blocks back to our nest.

Helaine said she couldn’t remember ever being this wet, “except in the shower.”

My audition is in the morning.

&#185 – Helaine originally priced the hotel through HotWire which is what I wrote. I didn’t realize she continued shopping and then found the same deal for $10 less at Expedia.

7 thoughts on “Unexpectedly We’re In New York City… In The Rain”

  1. I love spur of the moments trips – especially to New York City! I’m looking for a “less expensive” hotel room for a trip in a few weeks and I think I’ll try HotWire. Good luck with the auditions.

  2. Good luck with the audition! Saw The Addams Family (with Nathan Lane) in November and I kind of feel like you do. It wasn’t great but it was Broadway withe super talented performers, so it was all good. We don’t know how lucky we are to be able to hop into the city on whim.

  3. Good luck with the audition – hope Friday is a good day for you! (We’re all still with you – hang in there!)

  4. Hope the audition went well! A not so good performance of a broadway show beats a good night of television anytime! I am heading into the city tomorrow to see a preview performance of “Anything Goes” with Sutton Fostor and Joel Grey. Can’t wait!

  5. How I miss just jumping on the Metro and heading into the city for the day. I now live in SC and that is the number one thing I miss the most. I hope all went well with your audtion this morning.

  6. How fun! So glad that you are getting to do fun things and enjoy yourselves a little. I am hoping that you are on your way to bigger and better things. We miss you; you definitely would have enlivened this miserable weather and offered wisdom and insight on the eathquake/tsunami. Our best to you, and keep up your blog. We reall enjoy it!

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