I Won’t Be Disappointed By A Disappointing Snow

Just thirteen words and he got to the essence of my professional life. I don’t miss the angst, but the angst was worth it to get to the other stuff

It was 2:04 AM when an Instant Messenger window opened on my PC. My friend Bob in Florida was up. He’s a meteorologist and as nocturnal as I am. He’d been reading my blog.

I am enjoying seeing you enjoy the weather future without the stress. Bittersweet?

Just thirteen words to get to the essence of my professional life. I don’t miss the angst. The angst was worth it to get to the other stuff. That’s the bittersweet part.

I still forecast. I’m just not as worried about forecasts that go bad.

I suspect there will be some sad forecasters tomorrow, especially those who called for large amounts of snow. What’s coming looks more like a minor pain than anything else.

Helaine said the supermarket was crowded today. Someone didn’t get the memo!

Most areas of the state should get under four inches. There could be a little more in Fairfield County and parts of Litchfield. Two to four wet inches will be the norm.

The vast majority of what falls will fall overnight so you’ll wake up to it in the morning.

There are always a number of wild cards in the weather. This little storm is working against the month of March. As I type this it’s cloudy, but there’s still plenty of incoming solar radiation (insolation) warming the pavement. Temperatures won’t drop below freezing until the middle of the night. Some of what falls early on will melt on contact.

There is a certain ease I have today. That’s probably because this forecast is being done in my pajamas and not a suit!

26 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Disappointed By A Disappointing Snow”

  1. And this is why I always preferred you to other forecasters – you didn’t turn it into a big deal when it wasn’t. You tell it like it is – and – my favorite part – explain why it is like it is.

  2. do you feel the pressure is off because TV viewers held you to a different standard than us more sophisticated, more intelligent web surfers? or is it the pajamas?

    1. No — I know even if I post it on the web people will still go and get a second opinion later on. This is also a more casual environment.

  3. Geoff, I’m so glad you are still giving us a level headed forcast and not trying to scare the begeebers out of us.

  4. You were the only one I trusted on TV to tell the truth…ok I also think Dr. Mel is good and not over exaggerated.

  5. Well, there’s always the April Fool’s storm, of 1990-something. I was living in Waltham, outside Boston, that year. There was about 2 feet. Lasted about 3 days, but muddddddddddddddy!!

  6. I for one – ok my husband makes 2 – am incredibly thankful for the wrongness in the predicted levels of snow. Although it’s easier to work in than rain, we just started a room addition and they are working on the foundation this week. Too much bad weather and the work schedule sent to all the subs would be shot to sh*^ quickly!

  7. Isn’t it funny how people freak out so much about a little bit of stuff coming out of the sky. By the way, your review of those plums from Chile is right on. I have bought a bunch of them and gobbled them right up. Yum!

    1. Trina –

      I had one of those plums last night. I stopped, turned to Helaine and said, “This is the best plum I’ve ever eaten.”

      The season is short.

      1. Geoff, if you’re around in the summer (about the 3rd – last week of July) there is a farm stand on the shoreline where Jake sells what he calls ‘farmer plums’ – they are the best thing ever. Apparently a sort of heirloom plum – unbelievable. The stand is on Rte 1 in Madison, just over the line from Guilford. (He also has the world’s best corn.)

  8. You crack me up Geoff. Casual forecasting. I like the concept.
    Besides, your on line demeanor and way of adding that little explanation, makes you stand out from the crowd of other forecasters. Well done.

  9. I liked your forecasts better than the new people’s… you were never afraid to say that though the “official” forecast says this… you suspected it probably was going to be less or more. And made no apologies when you were wrong. Like I always said in showing dogs… “Ya pays your money and ya takes your chances!!”

    (Still hoping that you’ll find your way onto a Ct station soon)

  10. At our house, we’ve decided to make you our weatherman, with or without a TV station. I feel a little sick feeling every time I turn on Channel 8 weather. It’s just not the same without you. I’m so glad your here to check in with, and see what you think will happen. You’re like an old family friend. After all, you tracked Santa on Christmas Eve for my four sons’ entire childhoods. They are 24, 22, and 19 yr old twins. So, thanks for being here. And, I’m glad you don’t have to wear a tie. Relax. You deserve it.

  11. Jeff, have you thought about the Weather Channel? I know there have been tons of changes there…some not for the better…but at least we could see you and share you with the rest of the country. I read Channel 8 alum Alexandra Steele is no longer there. Too bad.

    1. I would love to run for Congress. Luckily I am already represented by a congresswoman with whom I agree on most issues and whose seniority is to all our benefit.

      In the meantime I would like to find a way to use my knowledge of technology, telecommunications and science to help shape public policy. Having never been a political activist I’m not sure how I’d go about that or who to contact.

      1. Contact that congresswoman – offer your help. She’d probably love it. Probably won’t benefit your wallet any though.

        How about PBS? – you blow Bill Nye the Science Guy away. You make learning about things fun. It would indirectly benefit public policy, but don’t discount its value!

  12. Geoff , I know that it is NOT your nature to dwell on the past but long before computers were in so very many house holds … You were the one that lead us through the darkest hours in all kinds of weather ! I worked out there on the waterfront all of your carrier and then some ! You really did NOT make as many mistakes as you think Geoff … Even if you did make one or 2 ,we could all mumble amongst ourselves, ” Ha, This is Geoff’s fault ” .. I and so many others are so very grateful for you .. I know for a fact that you DID save lives ! We were so let down with the “team” at ch.8 and LIN. Media .. I do not know one person anymore that that looks in on that station .. It is good to see you on here

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