My Dinner With Rachel

She’s a Penn State grad. They are known for having a very strong meteorology department–one of the best

I went to dinner with Rachel Frank tonight. She is the nighttime meteorologist at Fox61. We’d traded emails, but never met… in fact we’d never even spoken until I called just a few steps from the parking garage. I was a little lost.

Since Rachel was between shows I let her choose the location. We had Mexican at Besito in West Hartford’s Blue Back Square. The restaurant is dark and stylish with a tall wall of candlelit lamps.

I am mostly a ‘downstate’ boy so most of what I know about Blue Back Square I learned while watching TV news (while sitting in the studio). It’s very impressive with a West Coast open air feel.

That wasn’t perfect for tonight’s rainy chill, but it was still cool to walk around the area (while lost, not wearing a jacket and with my umbrella safely sitting in the car — some weatherman I!).

I had Enchiladas Langosta Y Jaiba: lobster & crab escabeche baked in a roasted yellow tomato salsa, with pico de gallo and pasilla chile. Who knew lobster and crab was Mexican? I think they’ve taken liberties!

Rachel had Enchiladas Suizas: Swiss style enchiladas with shredded chicken baked in a tomatillo cream sauce with melted cheese, onions and cilantro. She also order a side of plantains which we shared.

God I wish I had her metabolism! She is thin, but not shy of food!

She’s a Penn State grad. They’ve always had a very strong meteorology department–one of the best. We talked about weather and being on TV. It’s definitely an interesting combination.

She enjoys her work. I like that.

At one point a woman made her way to our table to say hello and ask me for an autograph. Rachel and I had been talking about viewer recognition earlier and… voilà! It was a made-for-TV moment in a place I didn’t expect.

8 thoughts on “My Dinner With Rachel”

  1. Ah, and so it goes. Your fans are everywhere. I’m hoping a position opens up for you soon that will get you where you need to be — on-air in front of your viewers.

  2. Once again, we would love to see Fox on Fox. Rachel…if you are reading this, we enjoy you on evening weathercasts…you guys would make a great team!!

  3. I enjoy Rachel on the evening weather….she’s upbeat, informative, passionate about weather and refreshing…..much like you, Geoff! I would also love to see you as part of that team.

  4. I just can’t wait to see your handsome face back on TV. No matter what station,for as long has i can get that channel!!! Just plain missng Geoff Fox Cts. Best weather man!!!

  5. This makes me think back to an email I sent you in February. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the hope of a wonderful forecasting team to come. Rachel has become our families new weather forecaster how much better could it get!

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