Here Comes A Cold

Is this like getting on the 21 day disabled list retroactively? Can my seven days with a cold start last Sunday?

I got my first inkling something was up over the weekend. I began to sneeze. It wasn’t that “there’s dust in the air” sneeze, but a full fledged “cold” sneeze.

Quick–where are the zinc lozenges?

“Seriously?” Helaine asked, “you’re getting sick for your first day of work?”

That would have been awful. And thankfully it didn’t happen. I woke the next morning with a clear head. False alarm.

Over the past few days it’s been here then gone… here then gone… here then gone. Tonight it’s here. I think it’s finally taken up permanent residence.

Is this like getting on the 21 day disabled list retroactively? Can my seven days with a cold start last Sunday?

I am two things with a cold:

  • Complainer
  • Muddler

I will complain in front of Helaine and muddle through in front of everyone else.

Sorry Helaine.

19 thoughts on “Here Comes A Cold”

  1. I think for every job I’ve ever held, I’ve always gotten sick within the first month of being there. It’s being in the new environment that sets it off.

  2. As a wife…I have found…that when my husband is sick..he is a complainer…I think most people are. Me, I just want to be left alone when I am sick. LOL. Seriously though, I am so glad your back. I have been watching online, and yes a tear came to my eye Monday night.

  3. Oh boy, did this post crack me up.. You big baby!
    Relax, you know how loved and appreciated you are!
    There’s my cyber hug 😉

  4. Oh Geoff!! 1. Force fluids……. (that’s not going to happen). 3. do the above on the weekend. From Sandy the visiting nurse.

  5. Geoff, it’s probably allergies. The pollen counts are awful this year with the changes in weather. I have been struggling as well.

  6. I had a horrible cold when I interviewed for my current job. I could barely talk and I looked like more of a wreck than usual. Luckily, I still got the job (with sick time!)

  7. Quick, go out and get some Oscillococcinum by Boiton. This stuff boosts your immune system and if taken the moment you felt your cold coming on, it would have stopped it in it’s tracks; seriously. Once you have the cold it will help you get over it quicker. I know this sounds too good to be true but it really works. I used it all the time when I was teaching (a germ laden occupation if there ever was one) and Oscillo always came to my rescue. Seriously, give it a try Geoff.

  8. After all you have been through in the past two months, I wo7uld not have been surprised if you came down with the PLAGUE!!

    Starting a new job is bad enough. But starting one with the entire state watching and having not begun a new job since 1984! Now THAT is STRESSFUL!

    My sister swears by the Ocsillococcinum (Oxillo Cox-Eye-num) and I swear by Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and a mega-multi. I find it helpful to do deep breathing until that ZOOM calms down and to just take it one day at a time.

    Maybe some Yoga…

  9. It’s probably allergies due to the changes in the weather which I have to deal with which isn’t fun dealing with that or being sick. Get well soon!

  10. May be allergies, I have been struggling with them on and off for a couple years now. Often I really feel like I am about to get the worse cold of my life, then gone….. Very weird…… And sometimes lasts for a couple days like a cold, then gone. I hate Drs, I think the medical profession today is so “insurance” driven, they have lost the ability to cure. I equally hate drugs……and I fear allergies will mean many and trial and error and maybe permanent need for them, so I have dealt……but becoming chronic enough I may have to meet the demon head on…..

  11. Geoff – I also do lots of talking in front of a live audience (just two differences: those people are in the same large hall as I, but the numbers are only in the hundreds to low thousands, or, about one one-thousandth of your audience). At the FIRST indication of a cold symptom – usually a scrtchy throat — I hit the cold meds. Once I start cutting grass… then I have to reac for the loratadine.

  12. Feel better Geoff! My doctor always reccomends taking a daily supplement with Zinc and Vitamin C. Echinacea and Goldenseal can also be helpful for the immune system. Hope you are back to your usual healthy self soon! (Idea for Helaine…..earplugs if the complaining gets to be too much. (-: )

  13. Love the vitamen and natural remedies idea. Works very well for me, but the tree pollen count is way up there, so maybe that’s it? For pollen/allergy relief I take quercetin/nettles combo caplets.

  14. Everything the other posters has recommended will work well, Geoff. Give your body a chance to adjust. Some decent sleep, some soup, and TLC all around will have you back to your old self in no time.

  15. Geoff, I have multiple, year-round allergies and I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my 30s. Stress plays a part, but it depends what you’re allergic to, and whether it’s everything together..cumulative…that hits you. Right now those red things on the red maples are hitting me, and windy days. I got shots for 10 years and learned that morning and late afternoon are the worst times for seasonal symptoms, which you may know from watching pollen counts.If you don’t get the yucky discharge of infections, get stuffy, itchy and watery, sinus pain without infection, and other nasal and inner ear symptoms, and it comes and goes, it could well be allergies. If you get the right meds/treatment, and especially if they’re seasonal, you may be able to ride them out. Me…sneezing feels good, clears the head! LOL. I refuse to stay indoors or give up having a cat, but thankfully I don’t have life-threatening asthma or anything. Best of luck with it…

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