Tallulah: Here Comes Weiner Cottontail (photo)

Tallulah will be visiting next weekend. This photo makes us wish it was sooner.

Here at Casa del Zorro we love puppies. We don’t have one in our immediate family now (Roxie being a California dog), but I suspect that will change by the beginning of summer. Probable breed: cute! Probable name: Doppler&#185.

In the meantime when friends or relatives bring dogs by or email us photos we immediately say “Awwwww” and start thinking about administering belly rubs and scratching behind ears!

Tallulah will be visiting next weekend. This photo makes us wish it was sooner.

&#185 – My friend fellow meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan already has a dog named Doppler. I will provide Ryan with a list of potential new names for his dog.

Postscript: I should have mentioned this earlier. Helaine and I fully intend on rescuing a dog to join our family. – Geoff

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  1. You could name a new pet “Nexrad” instead…

    Actually I’m a cat person, but little dogs are more like cats than dogs anyway, except that they don’t use litter boxes, dang it!

  2. So cute. Love the name Doppler…perfect for you. I recall when you had your dog, often, on the set with you, but don’t recall her name. I have two cats, Lola and Mandy. Bet you can figure out why! Beautiful Easter Day. I am sure this weather will hold up, now that my vacation ends today!

  3. My husband is a carpenter…he named his first dog Rafter….he is long gone….but we have and Angel, Bailey…..and now my daughter wants to breed our little Lhasa Bailey….and of course keep one….sigh. ….who am I kiddin…I LOVE my doggies!!

  4. Hey, Geoff! I do dog rescue online every day, trying to place the many adorable puppies, dogs, cats, & kittens who end up dumped in kill-shelters all over the country. It happens right here in CT, way more often than people realize.

    Every day, I see armloads of small dogs, entire litters of puppies & kittens, shepherds, TONS of labs, Rottis; I see some purebred, some mixes. They are all deserving of a chance for a good life and a loving family but in this economy, many, many do not make it out. There are transports going all over the country every week, relocating chosen dogs to their new families.

    Maybe I can convince you to take a look at some shelter pups or dogs when the time is right! 😉

  5. I love the expression on Tallulah’s face. Is she going to be jealous when she comes to visit and there is a new canine resident at Casa del Zorro? She seems to think of your place as a day at the spa. :o)

  6. Hi Geoff,
    When you are ready, please check out a shelter or rescue group. We have rescued 2 from beagle rescue, they are the best dogs ever. There are all kinds of rescue groups. Think it over. Save a dog, or 2. We did.

  7. I loved watching your Ivy; she was beautiful!

    I feel an overwhelming need to vent. Why does everyone feel they need to get a “rescue”? Does it make them better than someone who gets a purebreed? I happen to have worked with a breeder. She required me and my family to meet with them (and the pups) before she would allow them to leave her home. It was a wonderful match and fit. I happen to now have the most wonderful dog for me and my family. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love muts. I’ve had muts. They’re terrific. But everyone has to shout from the rafters “She’s a rescue.” Good. Mine’s not. Big deal.’Nuf said.

    1. I have been a rescue for 11 years and the point is not to go to breeders and pay money for a puppy while dogs die every day in shelters. almost 4 million dogs were euthanized in the USA alone in 2010. 4 million. 43,567 were pure breed pitbulls – 7618 were labradors, 19667 were irish setters, 37,160 were german shepards. So while some think its their choice to buy from a breeder so yu dont get muts at shelters. They have countless purebreeds from moms and their litters to moms waiting to give birth to newborn puppies to adult pure breed dogs. They arent muts. Even though that shouldnt matter. If you have a good heart and want to save a dog it shouldnt matter what the breed but simply that you gave your home to an animal in need and saved it from being killed which by the way dogs in shelters are given 7 days on the adoption list and they they do get put down.

      so mutts or not. Breeders are something that any real rescue or animal lover isnt to hip on.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with purebred dogs! ESPECIALLY the purebreds who end up in shelters!! Geoff gets the point. :=)

    1. I can only speak on behalf of my family. We know there are dogs who are unclaimed and will be destroyed. Since a particular breed isn’t as important to us we thought it would be good to save one of those dogs.

      Our daughter has a purebred. Ivy (we think) was purebred. One is not mutually exclusive of the other.

      1. Hey All,

        You can get purebred dogs or mutts through a rescue (even puppies)! I have two purebred Boston Terriers (they are pure comedy, barking is rare in this breed, and they’re so ugly that they’re cute). One of ours is rescued, one is a breeder’s purchase! Both are loves! Anyway, we foster dogs before they are adopted out (it took a while to convince my husband to do this); so we can help identify personalities and quirks before they are adopted to make sure they are a fit with the family. Let me know if you, Geoff, or anyone else is interested in a rescue from the our group. We have many Boston Terriers in our rescue group, but we also have mutts, and other purebreds dogs of all sizes! There are so many wonderful dogs in need of great homes!

        Eileen Dunham (Eagles/Phillies fan) 🙂

  9. I am happy you plan to rescue a dog who needs a home. There are a lot of them out there, and there is one who would particularly love being spoiled by you and Helaine.

  10. Geoff-I’m not sure you know I do some rescue work, saving dogs from all over the US and placing them in loving homes. This is a beautiful thing. To save a dog and bring him into your family is a really special thing to do and I admire you more now than ever! last year I placed 37 dogs from California to Maine and unfortunately hundreds of thousands were put down. Many were elderly that just became a bother and many were wonderful family members. The heart ache in rescuing dogs is something I cant describe but for each one saved-it makes all the tears worth while. Any dog who gets to live with the Fox family is the luckiest dog in the world.

  11. By the way- the point of getting a rescue is not making someone better than a person who rescues a non-purebreed. The point of it is rescuing a dog from a shelter -regardless of it being pure breed or a heinz57. Its irrelevant- so long as you go to a shelter and save a dogs life and stay away from petstores and from breeders.

    The heart felt act is in saving a dog from being in a shelter. and thats a selfless act of love and kindness. KUDOS for that Geoff.

  12. Clever and cute! Kudos for intending to rescue a dog. Rescue pets know they are being rescued and are ‘ever so grateful’!

  13. How about Radar? Stormy would simply be too cliche. I envy you, I miss my Holly dog who has been gone for over 2 years. Once I can telecommute from home, I’m getting another dog – definitely a rescue pup!

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