I Was Hacked–I Am Healed

Hacked! I’ve been hacked again. I hate it when that happens, but if you run a website it will happen sooner or later. This wasn’t my first time.

I cleaned out as much of the wound as I could. There are probably a few small pieces still hanging around in hidden recesses of my server. After years of hosting websites my directory tree already looks like that drawer in the kitchen where you throw everything that has no real place to go. That makes searching more difficult.

The hack itself wasn’t going to infect you as a reader, but it did plant seeds for further, deeper hacks. I cleaned those out.

I host a bunch of sites from this server. All of them were hit to some extent.

The point of entry was my FTP (file transfer protocol) account. I found strange activity in the logs. The attack looks like it came from a computer in Australia, though hackers seldom leave a direct trail that can be easily followed.

I’ve changed my password. That may or may not help.

It’s frustrating. It’s time consuming. It will happen again.

3 thoughts on “I Was Hacked–I Am Healed”

  1. Sorry to hear, Geoff. It may happen again, but since you have “doubled the guard”, it will make it more difficult.

  2. And the larger the internet gets the more hackable it will become. I watch some of these Cop shows, and shudder to think just how easily they can learn where I was yesterday, what I ate, who ate with me, how long I was there… etc.

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