Is There Food Here?

When I’ve asked my co-workers about the availability of diners they begin to weep softly and look down.

At first glance there’s less to eat in Hartford than there was in New Haven. Hopefully that improves at second glance though I’m not terribly hopeful. When I asked co-workers about the availability of diners they wept softly and looked down at their shoes.

Not that I don’t love you Subway, but I’ve already spent too much time at your nearby shop.

Tonight I went to the Wood-n-Tap on Sisson and picked up a salad. Pretty good. I mistakenly didn’t tell them to hold the bleu cheese. My error.

I found the last parking space nearby. Parking’s gonna be a problem. I’ve already been warned.

When you order out for dinner it’s easy to fall into bad habits. Delivered food is often what’s worst for you. There aren’t enough stairs in this place to work that off!

16 thoughts on “Is There Food Here?”

  1. If you want a 24 hour diner you can go to Gold Roc in West Hartford/Hartford line. If you’re going south you can also jump off I-91 and hit-up town line diner on the Wethersfield/Rocky Hill Border. It’s near another Wood ‘n Tap with less parking problems. When I used to work in the South End First & Last Tavern ( was a favorite to get food from.

    Also worth checking out:

  2. Geoff,
    Maybe you could bring a lunch. It’s healthier because you are in control. It really doesn’t take much time to throw together if you smart about it. Salads with Trader Joe’s already cooked salmon on top are one of my favorites. But use your imagination. It will stand you well, save you money and add a healthy spin to your diet!

  3. Hook and Laddar on Main street that has amazing hamburgers..and they have free parking behind. Sidewalk Cafe in the South End is really good too..and they’re open late.

  4. There are several pizza places that deliver awesome salads! I’m sure the word will get around to you. I work by the Bushnell’s side of the city, and we have an awesome selection of places to eat great food like Black Eyed Sally’s, Hot Tomatoes, etc…

  5. I have to agree with some. Bring your dinner (and snacks and drinks) buy a small microwave and have a good time. Will save you money in the long run.

    By the way, you are wearing your glasses again?

  6. What fun is it to eat a warmed-up Lean Cuisine, some non-fat yogurt and rice cakes?? Give up? None, that’s why I’m fat.

  7. Been out of touch with late night news (since you’ve been gone) and with 5 kids, I rarely get to watch evening news. So good to hear your voice on the TV tonight! And I didn’t go to bed yet! Glad you’re back. See you again tomorrow night.

  8. You may be looking for health-conscious options, but there is a place not far from you that deserves throwing any healthfulness out the window. Woody’s on Pratt Street. The best hot dog that ever hot dogged.

  9. Firebox is down the street, great food, nice vibe. Hop on 84 on go west to Flatbush exit, hit the Corner Pug…great pub food. ButterFly on Farmington Ave is excellent for chinese. There are no less than 8 great spots for food in West Hartford Center, 5 minutes from Fox.
    While Hartford doesn’t have the culinary history of New Haven in many ways…you have given Hartford exactly 3 weeks to form an opinion on the culinary offerings, while you had 30 years in New Haven to search out your favorite haunts!! 🙂
    Us inlanders will gladly guild you around to some great spots, food and otherwise as you become acclimated with the greater Hartford area…but a word of advice, don’t compare the two too often as there is a sizable chip on the Capital areas shoulder when it comes to comparisions with the New Haven area…
    Off the soap box now.
    One more thing….try any of the Max’s restaurant groups offerings, you’ll be looking for a condo in West Hartford anyday now!!

  10. I agree with others here. Bag it! Either leftovers, ‘make it and take it’ or tote take-out from good places in your area. Nothing worse than trying to do a good job and sustain your energy level with lousy fuel. Btw, I am feeling contentment knowing I’ll be able to watch you each week-day 🙂

  11. Try Lena’s/ sully’s on Park St also right down the street in bound, on the same side, is the King and Thai. The other way from Lena’s on Park Road and Prospect is the Prospect Cafe. The Golden Roc is 1 block south ( take a Rt on Kane street, and its on the left right after the entrance to 84) . That was good enough for then President Clinton. Also for excellent Mexican there is Coyote Flaco on New Britain Ave Hartford.

  12. In the four years I spent working not far from where you are in Hartford, I *never* learned of a convenient, healthy place to eat or from which to take out. Smartest thing I did was to make the small investment in time and effort to “sack it and pack it.” That may require you to move your simplest meal of the day to dinner time, so it’s easier to shop, prepare and pack for, a small change in habit for a more convenient and healthy outcome. And spending your dinner break in the staff lounge or kitchen area is good for making even more new friends at the new job.

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