Honey I Locked The Soup

I have taken to bringing my dinner to work a few times a week. Today it’s may fav: leftovers! We had a ground turkey based dinner yesterday and my favorite, Helaine’s spicy asparagus soup.

Holy crap this soup is good!

She packed both soup and main course in QVC “Lock & Lock” containers and sent me on my way. Tonight after the news I headed to the microwave.

Everything went perfectly. I took the top off. The soup heated nicely. To carry it back without spilling I loosely slid the lid on top but didn’t lock it down.

This is when science took over!

I’d laid the lid loosely, but as the bowl cooled a little of the water vapor in the air condensed. All of a sudden the pressure in the container was a lot lower than the pressure outside. The lid was locked by air pressure!

I tried wedging silverware under the seal, but no go. It’s designed to be airtight. Mission accomplished.

Finally a co-worker suggested reheating. All I could think of was exploding asparagus soup all over everything.

Sixty seconds later it’s soup! Crisis averted.

10 thoughts on “Honey I Locked The Soup”

  1. At least it didn’t explode all over you right before air-time! But it does sound like a meal that should never be wasted. 🙂

  2. I say the recipe must be shared! that soup sounds YUMMY!! I love anything spicy. Glad there was no crisis and you were able to have your wonderful soup.

  3. Well it seems eveyone wants the recipe, so why not bring Helaine on the air to make it? I’d like it also. After all, good cooking is a science, as well as an art.

  4. I believe Helaine said this was a secret recipe? I agree, it sounds way to good to not share…..I’ll give up my grandmother’s secret Mac & Cheese recipe….I guiarantee, you will all love it……. It is the most sought after recipe I have ever made….

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