What A Baseball Game!

This is crazy. This doesn’t happen in any other sport. Think flight attendant piloting the plane.

This is great. I don’t really care who wins right now. I’ve got the Phils game on. It started six hours ago. They’re in the 19th inning. The Phils have run out of players!

Wilson Valdez is pitching. He has never pitched before–not in the majors, not in the minors. He got the first man out. He just plunked one on Scott Rollen.

The fans are going nuts.

Valdez, sensing the situation, went to manager Charlie Manuel and said, “I can pitch.”

“Are you sure?” Manual replied.

Two out now.

The guy playing third was the catcher. He, Carlos Ruiz, chased a foul over the tarp. Two other players have moved to unusual positions.

Oh my! Three out. Valdez goes an inning scoreless.

The fans, those few still left, are giving Valdez a standing ovation.

This is crazy. This doesn’t happen in any other sport. Think flight attendant piloting the plane.

In the bottom of the 19th the Phils loaded the bases then sacrificed home the winning run. Wilson Valdez picks up the win.

God, this is too good. Put another one in the win column for the Phighting Phils.

5 thoughts on “What A Baseball Game!”

  1. UGH!! I’m a looooong suffering NY METS fan,i was hoping for a CINCY win,BUT, alas, done in by an EX-MET (VALDEZ!!) THE METS pulled out a rain-soaked, rain-shortened affair, in CHICAGO, 7-4.

  2. And they actually won it!!

    “(Reuters) – The Philadelphia Phillies celebrated a 5-4 victory, in 19 innings, over the Cincinnati Reds that ended early on Thursday after an unlikely pitching debut by second baseman Wilson Valdez.

    The 33-year-old Valdez took the mound in his first pitching role in the top of the 19th, where the Phillies were running out of relievers, and got three outs. Raul Ibanez then delivered the game-winning sacrifice-fly RBI in the bottom half of the inning.”

  3. I;ll be happy with my Sox 14-2 win yesterday……But exciting if you’re a Phillys fan. Also a nice park to visit! I once watched a 9 innings of a Red Sox game in New Hampshire, drove home to CT and watched the end of inning 18. We were not as lucky 🙁

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