360 Degree Panorama Of The Aria

It’s beautiful. Everything is massive and yet understated.

My Cousin Melissa is in town so we headed up Las Vegas Boulevard for a light dinner at Aria. It’s owned by the same company that runs the Mirage and MGM Grand. It’s beautiful. Everything is massive and yet understated.

I played poker. Not a good night. Everything I could do someone else could do better!

On our way out I took out my cellphone to snap this 360&#176 panorama of the main Aria entryway. Use your mouse to move the photo

6 thoughts on “360 Degree Panorama Of The Aria”

  1. That was SO WILD Geoff!!! Took me a minute to figure out how to get the picture to move, I did full screen and WOW I was amazed!!!! Guess were not in Kansas anymore Dorothy……

  2. Great panorama! I’d also like to know what you used to shoot it…and on what kind of a phone, or doesn’t it matter?

  3. Wow! I generally don’t like to download programs I am not sure about–but seeing this was worth it. How do you learn to do this stuff. My husband sure would have liked this (technology). Didn’t see anyone I recognized. I just can’t imagine how you got so many people and that whole range of the picture. Can you teach us this on your science moment when you return to CT?(in 1 minute or less?)LOL! Missed you yesterday when Ch 3 was showing the actual tornado over the CT River, in West Springfield–Awesome photograpy there, too!! Have a great vacation–have missed you all week.

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