Weather Guilt

Though this trip out west was planned before I got my job at FoxCT that doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty about being away today. You have no idea.

24 thoughts on “Weather Guilt”

  1. I was just saying to my daughter that I wish you were on the air today. Crazy weather. Sunshine in Manchester but storms all around.

  2. A tornado crossed right over I-395 a little while ago. My daughter lives up there in MA and they’re talking about a tornado up around Springfield, Worcester area. This is really crazy weather. I hope you’re having a good time in Vegas and glad you’re keeping an ear here in CT. Happy birthday to Steph Friday.

  3. you’re always missing the good stuff!! blizzards in winter, spring tornadoes! don’t plan on being away for hurricane season! 🙂

  4. Don’t worry, Rachel is doing a wonderful job. I flipped channel 8 on real quick and the new guy was stuttering like crazy. They were showing Springfield news..with Springfield logos and everything. I’m glued to FoxCT now. The worst of the storm is in Mass.

  5. You don’t need to feel guilty. Predicting the weather cannot be done that far in advance!!! Don’t worry. I’m sure there are many more storms just waiting for you to come back!!

  6. yeah, I didnt recieve notifications via twitter or fb til waaaay after my 1:30 appt, closer to 2pm where they told me first at the office I was in. Im used to getting warnings on my phone from twitter or FB. Bummer. Lucky I was in the office or I would not have recieved any notification being out and about.

  7. Great coverage on Fox Geoff. You will be proud. Rachael is very articulate, knowledgeable, calm. Great video from their viewers. They have coverage of the tornado going over the Ct. River. Unconfirmed tornado down in Springfield Mass. and Sturbridge.

    1. I agree. Tuned into Fox even knowing Geoff was away. Great coverage. I’ve learned to appreciate Rachel, having switched to Fox because of Geoff. Certainly think Geoff joined the right team.

  8. I am in Northwest Arkansas, but am originally from Wallingford. My CT Facebook friends have been posting about the weather. I just got done saying to my husband, “If I were in CT right now and Geoff Fox was on vacation during this weather, I would feel uneasy.” Somehow, I think that you would cover the weather like the meteorologists in Oklahoma do… very thoroughly with lots of reassurance.

  9. I’ll admit it Geoff….I came home from school and immediately switched to FOX to see if you were on the air, forgetting that you were away. I always depend on your calm reassurance in times of crisis. Luckily, CT was spared.

    1. I did the same thing! I was desperately looking for Geoff Fox, knowing we’d be in good hands…then I started following Matt Scott’s posts on Facebook…don’t feel guilty Geoff, we’ll all get through it, Fox is doing fine, but again, goes to show how we always relied/rely on YOU!!!

  10. Rachel is doing a great job, Geoff! Although I’m sure she wishes you were there to share your experience and expertise. Unless you personally created the tornadoes, you should not feel guilty!

  11. same situation as nancy up there, totally forgot about your vegas trip. it is exciting, and scary. have fun in vegas, dont worry about the connecticut citizens. well, unless we all die, then start worrying. (by the way, i like the website.)

  12. My family is just outside worcester and the towns cable company sent its residents to the basement. Kinda scary stuff. The kids are petrified. Wish I could be there for them.

  13. So missed you during the tornado warnings. The others did a fine job, but not as good as you would have!

  14. Missing you on the air, but do enjoy your vacation. We are spared for now since we did have a Tornado Warning here in Stafford, CT and prepared to head to the basement then we found out it missed us. Really scary stuff and damage in Springfield, MA form the tornadoes. It’s not over yet.

  15. Missed you today with all the weather happening in Springfield. A weatherman who works at that station which shall remain nameless said the 2nd storm was not tornadic, then 2 minutes later, the national weather service posted a tornado warning for that cell. That station which shall remain nameless sure “blew” it! (Oops- busted- I was watching- of course, I was watching them all!)

  16. The video of this tornado crossing the CT River is amazing. Now, if there is a tornado over water it’s called a water spout, right? How would going over this water affect the tornado seen here? Increase/decrease? Whenever I’ve seen them in their natural habitats (midwest) I’ve never seen any over water. I’m still in such awe of the vast power.

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