The Garden Is In

The garden is in! Though we’ll wait until Thursday to show it on-the-air everything is in place.

Want to know a secret? I hardly did any of the work! Mary, Keith and Sean from Robert Treat Farm took over. Why not? They know what they doing. They came with a schematic showing what would be planted where. They even brought the plants!

I did do enough work to get dirty so I took a shower before going on at 4:00. I now have my own locker down in the washroom used by the newspaper’s production employees. Holy crap, we have freshly laundered bath towels in the building!

This place is just so different for me.

11 thoughts on “The Garden Is In”

  1. I worked with Peter Boyle years ago, before Young Frankenstein. Every time I see one of those Raymond reruns and Peter says “Holy crap!” I just have to smile. Glad to hear you use it too.

  2. Same here he was great! They did a good job – wondering if they’ll come to my house and plant a garden for me. What did you plant Geoff?

  3. Drip irrigation.

    The Robert Treat Farms folks made a schematic to guide planting. As soon as I get the file I’ll post it.

  4. Great. Was thinking about how your life has changed in the past six months. Dying to ask you a question…on a scale of 1-10 (10 being ecstatic), how happy are you now?

    1. Doris, around a nine. I am very happy. It is a great place to work and they produce a quality product. Very, very happy.

      Maybe they’ll move it closer to Hamden?

  5. What are the white plastic bags for? Looks like a great garden – can’t wait to see the schematic. I was at Robert Treat Farm a week ago – great stuff. I have my garden in too!

    1. We covered a few plants with newspaper to shade them from the Sun. When you transplant you temporarily weaken the plant. We wanted to be gentle.

  6. Ahhh, so that’s newspaper, not plastic. Very wise. We planted on a cloudy day – same thing. So far, various tomato’s, including heirloom,- peppers – green, yellow and hot- lettuce, green beans, carrots, potato’s, yellow and acorn squash, zucchini, one white eggplant and many herbs. Hope to get onions and more eggplant in soon. Last year I stopped at a stand in Litchfield, bought some eggplants. One turned out to be a Louisiana Long – a skinny, green eggplant. At first, I thought I had a bad plant but I found it online. I’m going to the same stand on Monday – see if I bring home any more surprises!

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