The Family Room Sofa–Goodbye Old Friend

I have been kicked off this sofa more times than I care to remember by my then teenage daughter.

I don’t remember the day we got the sofa, but I know it was a long time ago. It came from Wayside on the Post Road. It seemed like the Swiss Army Knife of couches with a pull out bed and two reclining seats (neither currently operative).

The couch covered a full wall in the family room before making a sweeping 90&#176 turn to establish the boundary with the kitchen.

I have been kicked off this sofa more times than I care to remember by my then teenage daughter. There were shows she wanted to watch… wanted to watch there… wanted to watch there without me. Not that I hold a grudge or remember this sort of thing.

One of my all-time favorite photos of the Fox family in their Snuggies was taken on this couch. Most of my better Ivy, Roxie and Talloo shots were taken there too.

Each of the Foxes had their own territory on the couch. There was plenty of room. It didn’t always seem that way.

Over the years some areas of the couch lost springiness. Sofas age too.

If you took a three hour nap on the sofa just rolling over and facing the other way bought you another three hours! Magical.

Once, while in high school, Stef baked pizza bagels and carried them toward the family room. As she approached the couch the heat of the bagels became too much. She was forced to put them down. They left a permanent semi-visible patch of very rough cloth.

The couch is gone now. One of the men doing work here, hearing we were looking to dispose of it, asked if he could have it. I hope he gives it a good home and enjoys it like we did.

A new sofa arrives this weekend. I’m happy and sad.

7 thoughts on “The Family Room Sofa–Goodbye Old Friend”

  1. You don’t need to have the sofa in order to enjoy the memories of the sofa. I learned that from Hoarders. The new sofa will be technologically superior with 21st century ergonomics. Cover it in plastic, of course- worked well for my grandma.

  2. You’re blessed for loving the sofa because of the memories it created instead of just loving the sofa itself. People who love possessions just because they are things of “status”or whatever are a sad lot. I hope the sofa gathers more happy memories in its new home and that your new sofa does the same.

  3. Good posts, Geoff. “Real” reactions to real life. I hope the trauma you are suffering during the changes is replaced by love of your newly refurbished digs and the new memories you will make.

  4. Funny…we just gave away our family room sofa/futon. Haven’t bought anything new yet. Still shopping.

  5. We gave our beloved sofa to our daughter. She has it in her “rec” room. It was so hard to get in that my husband says the only way out is to use an axe on it.

  6. Your old sofa wouldn’t have lasted so long if you had a cat instead of dogs. I’m so upset with what my cat has done to my microfiber couch from R&F. BTW we used to shop at Wayside Furniiture. I wonder how long ago that was.

  7. I was very sad leaving our home where we had lived for 24 years, brought our newborns home from the hospital and raised them there. My daughter called when the movers were there and asked why I was so upset. I talked about the wonderful memories I was leaving behind and some of the events that had taken place there and she replied “but think of the new memories you’ll make in the new house, think of me as a bride walking down the stairs in my gown.” We were leaving a ranch house. Just as she said, we now have old memories and new memories.

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