They Don’t Feature Babe Ruth Memorabilia At Fenway

I don’t know what to say. This is sort of jaw dropping. They don’t feature Babe Ruth memorabilia at Fenway!

I didn’t see this. I can only go on the word of some online friends.

I assume you know this already… I was watching Jeopardy on WTNH, and they did a “Whose got your back” promo and the first personality featured was ….YOU! Seems a bit tasteless to me…

I really don’t want to believe that’s possible, but another Facebook friend soon followed with

I saw this tonight on 8

I don’t know what to say. This is sort of jaw dropping. They don’t feature Babe Ruth memorabilia at Fenway!

I told a friend at the other place.

wouldn’t be surprised we are one screwed up organization

And they don’t have my back.

25 thoughts on “They Don’t Feature Babe Ruth Memorabilia At Fenway”

  1. It would only be worse if the next spot was the GM and News Director in the parking lot and all you hear is a constant beeping and them saying over and over “come on back”. “mom-back”…. and it cuts to a Fox 61 truck…. backing over them

  2. I cringe every time I hear that promo “we got your back”…. and the promo Dr. Mel did for the new addition to the weather team. THIS is a new LOW for WTNH!

  3. Wow. I really hated that promo. Now I hate it even more so!! That’s just wrong!! Also, have you noticed how they throw in an exact time to tune in for the weather spots they’re doing? Any chance that time coincides with some other stations weather spot????

  4. Hmm, I didn’t see it because I rarely watch WTNH after GMA anymore. Not surprised, though, they always mess up.

  5. Don’t sweat it Geoff. You certainly DO have our backs, just from Fox61 now. I would think face time is always good, enjoy the free publicity 🙂 Liza

  6. I don’t watch WTNH anymore! I get my weather and news from Fox. It’s paid off for Fox that THEY have your back! 🙂

  7. I also saw the prom. A family member had it on because they were watching Jeopardy and I was in the middle of doing things, but did see the promo and wish I hadn’t and didn’t like what I saw and wasn’t a fan of the promo. That’s just messed up though and disrespectful. I don’t even watch WTNH anymore as I watch FOXCT since you are on there sinceyou are my favorite on there and it’s also great news station. I get my news and weather on there. You have my back and support totally 100 percent Geoff!

    1. A few years ago WTHN’s master control room was moved to Springfield, MA. It’s doubtful anyone there knows/cares about me. The system is mainly automated.

      1. Just the same, someone isn’t minding the store. Typical boo-boo’s on their part. I’m so enjoying FOXCT for that fact. More professionalism and less, much less, errors. Sorry to your former colleagues. I still like them, but I don’t like their news station.

  8. I saw it while watching Jeopardy too– I looked up when I heard your voice, figured my station had gotten switched to FOX, then saw the rest of the “8” commercial. Thought they had some nerve!! Either one of your old supporters sneaked it in there, or the station is just inept. It only reminds people that they have to watch FOX61 to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I do.

  9. I saw it, too. I was watching Jeopardy and when I heard Geoff’s voice thought I had accidently switched the channel. The promo was based on the bad storms back (last year, I think) in Bridgeport. Guess they got Bridgeport confused with Springfield. Bridgeport or Springfield……Geoff Fox or What’s His Name…..Apparently details and accuracy aren’t important to them.

  10. I saw that too – unbelievable. But Geoff, I have to point out that they do in fact feature Babe Ruth memorabilia at Fenway – when he played for the Red Sox!

  11. GEOFF, This really is a new low, for CH 8 !! Things are just not the same there, since you left. STEVE MACLOUGHLIN, is a competent weathercaster,BUT, he’s not YOU!!!!!! I noticed ALAN COHN just disappeared. Then on sat, on WPIX 11, i saw KENT PIERCE, who i think is a terrific reporter,on a quick story. Do a lot of network staff, have dual roles on other stations??

    1. They run a number of stations from one common master control. Our workers were union members. They have moved to a non-union shop.

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