Website Designed: Mission Accomplished

I think it looks pretty nice and the church members seem happy too!

Back when I was unemployed and looking for something to do I offered a free website to a civic or non-profit organization. The site has been mostly finished for a while, but as of today it’s “live” and the Internet home for the Beacon Falls Congregational Church. I think it looks pretty nice and the church members seem happy too!

A huge part of making a site like this is getting the content. That’s where Joe and Liza Whitehead came in. They created everything you’ll see and read. Their contribution was crucial.

I’ll still be available for the church should anything go wrong, but mostly it should just run!

I’m glad I did this. Doing a good deed can be its own reward.

19 thoughts on “Website Designed: Mission Accomplished”

  1. You know what they say… when you serve someone you get far more in return! I think you needed the spiritual lift that giving service brings at that time.

    Job well done! Did you do the photos and clip art too? Beautiful!

    Shouldn’t the “him” by the star on the homepage be capitalized? Was it left like that on pourpose?

    I love the fonts you used and how the lines overlap in the title. It looks very, very classy! And now you have points in Heaven too.

    Well, well done!

      1. I love having the links to the events present on each page, and pop up windows describing the activities. It is so very elegant! The fonts are very easy to read and add a young, contemporary taste.
        Believe what you want, but such a well intentioned project of service only brings on good karma!

    1. LOL… as beautiful and amazing as the website is, my editing eye saw the uncapitalized HIM immediately! It really is a gorgeous layout…

    2. Wanda – nice catch! I haven’t figured out how to capitalize the h in “him” yet. When we got that image it already had the text included. I’m not skilled enough in photo-editing to change it. I was hoping to go in and just “brush stroke” in an extra line to turn that lower case into an upper. But so far every time I’ve tried it I’m left with a horrible mess. I do have the rights to change the photo (we purchased a subscription to an image service which includes altering the photos) so I’m free to play with it. I’ll keep trying. Wish me luck 🙂

      1. Problem solved! The very nice editors at the subscription image service we use have fixed the lowercase h in the welcome page image. It is now uppercase as desired. Thanks for pointing that out. Please let me know if you see any other issues, typos etc. Liza

  2. Really nice job! A very “put together” church website. Liked the drop down menus to choose what to look at. Geoff, your “good deed” was a nice one and I’m sure those folks at the church are really enjoying what you’ve put up for them.

    1. Evi – let me add the dropdown menus and much of the inherent functionality are courtesy of WordPress. It is amazing software.

  3. Awesome job. Just seen the site and wow! Is what software you used free or would you have to buy it somewhere? Thanks! But, excellent job!

  4. Very cool and thanks. I’m trying to look for a good site to use for a site besides and my opera. I’ll check WordPress out though and thanks! And by the way, love the drop own menu as well!

  5. Geoff, nice job! How did you set up the Upcoming Events in the sidebar? I’m working on a similar Web site and hope to integrate Google Calendar for events. Wondered if you knew of any cool Google calendar plugins for WordPress that you like.

  6. You really did do a great job with the site as I looked at the site once again. I have check out wordpress as I said I would and just joined wordpress and took your advice and browsed around and all and loving that site so far, so a big thanks for answering me about wordpress. It’s awesome so far!

    1. For those who don’t know the Beacon Falls Congregational site is built on WordPress. WP has both hosted and self hosted solutions. We are self hosted and all the software used is open source (free).

      Real WordPress devs looking at this site will note I didn’t do an amazingly large amount of stuff. Even light customization can make a site look unique.

  7. Geoff – We demonstrated the church’s new website right after church service this morning. Our congregation was truly impressed!! On behalf of the Beacon Falls Congregational Church (and of course Liza and I), thank you so incredibly much for the generous giving of your time and talent. We are so pleased and so blessed to have gotten to know and work with you over the past few months! We now have a wonderful website thanks to your doing!

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