The Features My Mind Wants

My mind is telling me what new features it wants on the desktop

I just reached out and touched the screen on my desktop computer at work. Nothing happened. That’s probably because it’s not a touchscreen!

Yesterday while typing something I hit the spacebar twice to enter a period. No period. Desktop machines aren’t programmed that way.

Both these actions work on my iPhone. My mind is telling me what new features it wants on the desktop. Is anyone listening other than me?

16 thoughts on “The Features My Mind Wants”

  1. Same here! I recently got an iPad, and I love the touchscreen – I find myself wishing I could use the ‘swipe to enlarge’ feature on my regular laptop comuter.

  2. And it’s not just computers – I’ve pointed the TV remote at the dog to get her to stop barking, too. Didn’t work.

  3. That sounds like something that would make some people happy or excited. However, many people forget that in the economic depression that we are deeply into, it might be a while before some will even be able to buy an iPhone, so it may not be high enough on the priority list to change. I know; I am living very close to the park bench being my permanent dwelling. Nevertheless, boys will be boys and the only things that change with their age, is the price of their toys, so keyboard change I guess, here I come!

  4. I want to know why one machine doesn’t both wash and dry my laundry. I mean, both spin, right? It should just be a matter of adding/removing water during the wash cycle, and adding hot air during the dry cycle. Seems way more efficient (both cost and space effective) to do both operations in one appliance.

  5. I do the hit the space bar twice on my qwerty keyboard I have for my phone all the time. I don’t have an iphone, but have a touch screen phone and love the touch screen!

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