My Dinner With Ted

It’s a decision I don’t understand, but it’s not his or my decision (and I seem to not understand many of their decisions).

Ted Koppy stopped by and visited this afternoon. Like me Ted’s no longer on-the-air at Channel 8. It’s a decision I don’t understand, but it’s not his or my decision (and I seem to not understand many of their decisions).

Just in case you’ve never met Ted he’s the world’s most fit individual. He is the guy on the Wheaties box! I suspect his muscles have muscles.

More importantly he’s a stand-up guy… a shirt off his back guy (though if I had his body I’d probably never wear a shirt). He is what you were brought up to believe adults were.

I showed him around the station, took him to the garden and then dinner. To commemorate our dining together again we headed to a diner–The Gold Roc in West Hartford.

Ted’s spending this summer with his wife and two school age daughters. They’re all going back for a trip to see his family in Minnesota.

Any station (including mine) would benefit by having someone of Ted’s integrity and intelligence on-the-air. That doesn’t make not working suck less.

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  1. Aww, that’s too bad. I suspected something was up when News8 bumped him to weekends and I remember thinking that maybe it wasn’t a personal thing, there are always reasons why tv stations do things like that and the public just doesn’t get the full story. Unfortunately I now know News8 truly does not know how to treat employees well and thinks it’s audience consists of idiots that react to sensationalism and overly made-up news anchors and traffic reporters. YUCK! I hope Ted finds a new position soon…

  2. I hope Ted finds a new gig, at a station that deserves him. Just like the decision to let you go, Ted’s firing was a shock for sure. I get my news from a much better station now…..Fox on Fox!!!

  3. WTNH’s administration is obviously headed by narcissistic bullies.
    Best of luck to Ted.
    And thanks so much to Fox CT for keeping you on my TV. When you came back, I had this feeling of normalcy in my life.
    Roll on storms now!

  4. I so enjoyed Ted. He was a warm, friendly newscaster who made you feel at home when he broadcasted. I am certain a man of his character and presence will find a new place of employment better than the one he frequented in the past. I seem to have forgotten the call letters and have locked the channel out on the comcast box. We don’t speak the letters or the channel. It’s just not done in our house. You understand, it’s not business….it’s PERSONAL!!! >:(

  5. I am totally flabbergasted with the idiocy of WTNH. Just don’t understand what they are doing. I never watch it anymore. News is off kilter, weather (forget it). I watch Fox for the most part unless they are not on. Love Fox in the morning and being able to watch at 10 or 11. Only wish they had a news/weather around 6, 4 is too early when you are working :(.

  6. “He is what you were brought up to believe adults were.” What a great compliment that is! I don’t know him personally, of course, but I always felt Ted was a very classy individual. I wish him luck in finding a perfect position. I am sure there are stations out there who are deserving of him.

  7. Loved to hear Ted Kopy’s voice when he delivered the news. Channel 8 made a big mistake letting him go. Hopefully he will find something better…anything is better than channel 8. We have kept our promise and have not watched it.

  8. haven’t even watch WTNH since they let you go, Geoff. don’t know who is still there and who isn’t. sounds like lots of changes have been made.

  9. What is it with the channel who’s name I dare not speak and getting rid of people? A friend of mine said that she saw Ted somewhere (can’t remember where) and briefly spoke to him. She said that Ted came across as a friendly, intelligent person – the same as he does when he reports the news. It’s their loss, Ted & Geoff – relieving 2 of their assets from their duties. Wherever you go, Ted, we wish you the best of luck in future endeavors!
    PSSST – Geoff, are they looking for news reporters at Fox? I know of someone who’s looking for a job…

  10. Another silly move by WTNH and another reason not to watch. Shamefully, they still have many talents, Ann, Sarah, Noah, Jocelyn to name a few, but frankly, the new weather “Steves” just aren’t smooth. They are not pleasant to watch or listen because they do not appear comfortable on the air. Ted belonged behind that desk, he will be missed as well. But, alas, he’ll find a new gig Geoff, just like you. Glad you’re doing so well, and able to spend time with the good guys.

  11. I’m glad Ted’s spending the summer hanging out with his wife and children and no doubt he’ll be back on the air soon. I know people like to put down a lot of the replacements but you really can’t blame them for the changes. They were looking for employment and are doing their best.

  12. I know people like to put down a lot of the replacements but you really can’t blame them for the changes. They were looking for employment and are doing their best.
    Thanks for post..

  13. Silly move by WTNH. There ratings aren’t that good anyway. We like Ted and his news reporting.Stopped watching WNTH long back when you left so have no idea what’s going on.He will find a new job just like you. I think it’s good you left that station.

  14. Sounds as if WTNH is having a meltdown. At this point if I was an employee I would be quietly looking for employment elsewhere!

  15. Now that you say it, Geoff, i have not seen Ted recently on TV. He seems to be such a great guy on the air- i hope he finds another position soon. All of you are right- they are letting some of the best people go and hanging on or bringing in people that are not as talented, it seems to me…

  16. I have also enjoyed Ted and haven’t been watching WTNH since they let you go, Geoff. Best of luck to Ted and hope he finds another job soon.

  17. Like most large corporations/companies, they do not give a rat’s ass for their employees. Neither do they seem to appreciate experience and hard work. Bottom line is the bottom line, but they don’t always make intelligent decisions in getting there! Sign me a victim of corporate know-nothingness.

  18. I really can’t understand that. They keep a guy on the noon and 6PM news whose word and name pronunciation leaves much to be desired, as well as the fact that he speaks in such a monotone as to lull one to sleep, yet they fire Ted whose performance is head and shoulders above. I don’t watch that station anymore. I still like Ann, Darren and Sonya, however I just can’t allow myself to give them ratings, even if I’m only one count. I truly hope that station is suffering, even just a little bit. I’m wondering who they will be letting go next.

  19. I know he seemed to get the raw deal they had him on in the morning then night and just kept taking the shifts away from him.
    I do see they hired a young blond reporter at WTNH they are going
    for the young look over there. I hope Ted gets something because
    he was good and I liked watching him but I guess the big wigs
    did not. I am sure someone else will be gone soon.

  20. There must be something in the water on Elm Street – that only the WTNH exec.’s are drinking!
    Too funny – replacing wonderful experienced people with “young’uns”! They think young viewers care or even watch local news? Psssst!
    Do I see a FB page coming up for Ted?? (I don’t know how – or I’d give it a go!)

  21. Really hitting low when someone starts insulting a reporters name.
    The gentleman that was mentioned is a just that, a gentleman.
    I happen to think he does a fine job and the fact that Geoff’s contract was not renewed should have nothing to do with this man you are speaking about.
    Ted would also be looked upon the same.
    I give Ted credit, he was let go and he walked away quietly. He didn’t run to the computers crying “not fair” and “poor me”.
    I’m sure there will be plenty of comments after reading this, I could care less.
    TNH didn’t renew contracts, happens in many work places, its their right not to do so.

  22. I lessened watching WTNH (Loser 8 as many of my friends call it) but for the few times I watch it i constantly laugh! With all the mistakes they make it looks more like a public access cable channel than a real commercial for-profit broadcast outlet! Copy written by idiots (who calls a burned out house “un-liveable”? It would uninhabitable to anybody with any sort of sense), cameras moving all sort of directions not framing the shot, “meteorologists” who I doubt have any training in such things (I never if ever see a AMS logo for them” not to mention all the low budget talent they seem to be hiring!

    I think they did both you and Ted a favor. You guys deserve to work at places that are not only run as professional television outlets but managed by people who understand how to operate a television. It’s most obvious that LIN Media has no business operating a television station. If Multicultural TV would turn their Channel 43 into a serious competitor they would make WTNH fall to their knees but there’s another example of a mismanaged operation.

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