Nice To Be Back In New Haven

I don’t have as much reason to be in New Haven on a regular basis anymore. I miss its vibe. I was reminded of that today.

I had lunch with a friend today in New Haven. His treat. We went to Mory’s. I’m not sure I can totally explain the place except without him and his membership I’m on the street.

It was nice to be back in New Haven! The differences between it and Hartford are immediately visible.

Hartford is full of tall buildings. New Haven much less so.

New Haven is full of interesting places to eat and shop. Hartford much less so.

Having Yale downtown adds foot traffic you don’t get when everyone comes to the city just to take an elevator to work!

Both cities have problems with crime, though I’ve never been nervous walking through either.

Each city has its strengths and weaknesses, but it’s interesting that two cities so close together in the same state are so different.

I don’t have as much reason to be in New Haven on a regular basis anymore. I miss its vibe. I was reminded of that today.

5 thoughts on “Nice To Be Back In New Haven”

  1. I have always loved New Haven. I really miss it now that I’m 9 hours away. Hartford never made me feel “at home,” while New Haven always did.

  2. Hartford lacks personality that New Haven has. Most cities have a personality, a feel and even a smell to them. For example, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco all have a very distinct feel and personality that Hartford seems to lack. New Haven albeit small has a charm and a unique feel it it. Mostly thanks to Yale University.

    1. This is not to say I don’t like Hartford. It’s just different. I like some of the things the larger size bring, like this newsroom at the Courant.

  3. I worked in both also. I think there are a lot of differences. Is the Municipal still there? Almost directly across from the federal building? I haven’t been to Hartford in years! Hartford used to have a lot of places to eat, I suppose since the insurance and banking industries have down-sized, that the restaurants have too. Both have an okay vibe. Both are scary though.

  4. Geoff,

    Hartford has been stuck with the stigmatism of being the “Insurance Captial of the World” for so long, that the city is associated by default with the dark, cold, impersonal persona that is connected with the word “insurance”.
    New Haven, however, is connected with Yale, Toads, and some of the finest pizza places around. Not a tough choice here.

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