I’m Looking At My Money Too Often

Seriously, all that grief and I’m virtually at the starting point plus a few tanks of gas.

There are certain things I shouldn’t do… but can’t help not doing! For instance I’ve become hooked on checking my 401-K on a daily basis.

I know. Everyone tells me this is absolutely the wrong thing to do. I can’t help myself.

This all started when I stopped working in New Haven. I moved my money from the company’s plan (high expense ratio) to a plan of my own choosing (run by unicorns without a profit motive). Instead of being in a few funds it’s now a single diversified fund.

Checking the numbers got easier. I’ve got a bookmark to a page where Google reports my worth to the penny every night. Since I’ve been putting money away for over 25 years it’s not an insignificant amount.

The daily ups-and-downs are scary though meaningless. I’m not getting ready to withdraw. I’m letting it ride.

Bad analogy? Maybe. Still looking at the daily tally is sobering.

I’ve been in since late March. Today I’m worth 12/100ths of a percent more than when I started! If I’d started with a hundred dollars that would work out to 12&#162 on the plus side.

Seriously, all that grief and I’m virtually at the starting point plus a few tanks of gas.

All the daily angst for naught. It’s not like I’m about to become a trader and move money in-and-out at breakneck speed. My money is being managed, right?

Here’s the question. How long will it be before I summon the courage to stop looking? I don’t know.

Not yet.

2 thoughts on “I’m Looking At My Money Too Often”

  1. I trade stock futures daily, so I spend 8 hours a day looking at my account. It’s good that you look everyday. I think it is good to look because you are putting your retirement money on hold.

  2. When the market is on the up for awhile I look about 3/week…. I haven’t looked in about a month. didn’t like what I saw then, but have watched thing turning around… I can’t complain. I was let go after 25 yrs as well and the money has been @ the old Co’s account. I’d pull it, but I’m up over 20% for the last 12 mos. Low overhead and I’m making a lot of money…. It stays.

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