I Hate When People Lie

So which is it? North Haven in traffic or West Haven with the hood up. Odds are neither is true!

We’re waiting for a few tables to be delivered. Nothing major, but things are “on hold” without them. They were scheduled for delivery this afternoon between 1:00 and 5:00 PM.

You know where this is going.

Around 6:00 Helaine called me. “No tables,” though the website for the trucking company (not one of the major package delivery services) said “out for delivery.”

She called back fifteen minuets later. Frustrated she contacted the trucking company and was told the truck was in North Haven, running late because of traffic. Uh huh.

A few minutes later someone else called to say the tables wouldn’t be delivered today after all. The truck had actually broken down in West Haven.

So which is it? North Haven in traffic or West Haven with the hood up. Odds are neither is true!

Helaine spent the day tied to the house because she didn’t want to inconvenience the deliverymen. Who gives her back this wasted day? Who compensates her for her angst?

I hate when people lie.

11 thoughts on “I Hate When People Lie”

  1. Integrity was important when I was a kid… it was who you were and a lack of it showed a serious flaw of character… when did it change? We need more WYSIWYG in our lives!

  2. Not a very smart idea lying to a man that works on TV, popular Facebook page and blog……..but you were diplomatic enough not to mention the name of the company….yet….

  3. I hate it when people lie too. Should have thrown your name in there and told them you have traffic cams who would see them if broken down to see if they give a response to that. Well, it stinks so much time is wasted waiting. I would hope you get something out of this for the time and inconvenience imposed upon your wife for waiting so long for nothing. I hope you get the furniture real soon and that the waits end up having been worth it later.

    1. Too bad you didn’t have a friend with a truck handy. You could have told the delivery truck folks “Gee, you’re broken down? That’s too bad. Tell me where you are, and I’ll come pick up the tables.”

      Would have been fun to hear them talk their way out of that. 🙂

  4. Hey Geoff,

    Next time you buy tables, why not try us. I will deliver them personally to you, and on time for free. I think you actually saw my furniture, about 20 years ago at a show at Bittersweet Herb Farm. You were there with your wife and daughter, if I remember correctly.

    If you are looking for Connecticut made, solid cherry furniture made using traditional joinery, give us a call. Sorry for the shameless plug, but when I saw you were waiting for tables, I could not resist. We have been making cherry tables for 25 years, and our tables are built to last for 300 years.


    James Redway

  5. You should publish the name of the furniture company who lied to you. After all, you published the name of the exterminator who gave you good service, and by the way, I called a week later when we had an “ant situation,” and got the same GREAT service!

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