Greetings From Westchester County Airport

If you’ve never been here (and I’m not sure I’ve ever been here) this is an airport ill suited for the 21st Century. Think Manhattan studio apartment.

I am typing this from Westchester County Airport on my way to Florida for a quick visit with my parents. My sister and brother-in-law are already there.

HPN (aka Westchester County) made a whole lot of sense with non-stop flights to West Palm Beach and much better fares than I could get at Bradley.

If you’ve never been here (and I’m not sure I’ve ever been here) this is an airport ill suited for the 21st Century. Think Manhattan studio apartment. It’s small. Every square inch is in use.

The airport’s website advises you check before driving here because they often run out of parking spaces! No such problem today, but it does make you stop-and-think.

I set the destination in my iPhone’s GPS and headed west on the Merritt the Parkway. Getting to the exit is no problem. From there you question every curve and turn!

Is it possible a little country road like this could lead to an airport?

The road winds through “Back Country” Greenwich. I went by expansive/expensive homes and estates with high walls and sturdy metal gates. The smaller houses I passed were impeccably maintained and well landscaped. It reminded me of the section of Beverly Hills just up above the Flats area.

Considering how small this airport is I’m surprised by the number of flights. There are two flights non-stops to West Palm Beach within 15 minutes of each other! The PA system is in constant update mode.

My flight should have WiFi… but then again so should this terminal. Though there are two airport maintained hotspots this laptop can see neither seems to work.

I have ‘alternative’ methods.

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  1. My mother-in-law flies out of Westchester when she heads to Florida to visit a friend. I am usually the one who drops her off. What I love about this airport is just that..pull up to the curb, drop her and her bags off, and back on the road in minutes! Hope you had a great flight and enjoy the visit with your family!

  2. GEOFFyou should have e mail me i could have told you how to get there.had some 25 years of driving a limo to all air ports and the city plus boston philly new jersey ROAD ISLAND when you come back watch out for the entrace to the hutch if you take the first one you will be going to new yorki dont know if they still have both entrances open north boundsecond one on your right is the on to take they are surposed to be working on the rest areas in greenwich

  3. The local La Quinta Inn provides $10/day parking and a shuttle ride to the airport even for non guests. You just have to call ahead.

  4. I Park at Purchase College – $10 per day and money goes to support scholarships to Purchase students. Win/Win
    PP2F is the exclusive facility for discount parking serving the Westchester County Airport. At PP2F, we offer guaranteed discount parking for the Westchester County Airport. Drive to our spacious lot located on the Purchase College campus, and we’ll do the rest! No hassle to find parking, no worries about missing a flight. We’ll valet park your car and provide a free 6 minute shuttle ride, right to the terminal’s front door. And don’t forget, your patronage supports the Purchase College community. All this for 1/2 the price the airport will charge!

  5. I miss being able to fly out of Groton/New London. Flights only a few dollars more than Hartford or Providence, free parking, no hassles – unfortunately, also no business. Hard to believe with the Navy, EB, Coast Guard etc nearly next door that USAir couldn’t make a go of it. 🙁

    1. Both GON and BDR had USAirways flights at one time. I think they flew Beechcraft 1900s which have been removed from service. Airlines want to fly to fewer airports, not more. The fixed costs make sparsely used terminals cost ineffective.

  6. When we lived up north we always flew to West Palm from Westchester….It’s the best kept secret! So much easier than the major hubs. I always took Jet Blue.

  7. The only time I’ve flown out of Westchester was last summer for my cousins wedding in Florida.

    I was 22 and a senior at UConn. I found out about AirTran’s standby program for people who were 18-22. It was $69 for a one-way which was $100 cheaper than any published fare I could fine.

    The only caveat was that you couldnt check in luggage and you were not guaranteed a seat until everyone boarded the plane. Also since it was a one-way w/o luggage, I happened to pay in cash, and Im from India – I had every possible secondary and tertiary screening performed by the TSA 🙂

    The parking is expensive and often fills up! I thought this sign about preferred methods of payment was interesting too… –>

  8. Someone take up a collection so I can go visit my father’s sister in Seattle. I love her. She is my best friend. I have unlimited long distance and call every week sometimes twice a week. I cannot die before I see her once more! We are both diabetic, Type II.

  9. I was first introduced to this airport years ago when a bussiness associate I was working with was heading back to West Palm. He aske me to drop him off at this airporrt. On the way he told me how cheap his ticket was, how small and easily managable the airport is and I was sold. Since then, I have used it several times for FL trips. Very easy to get to, direct flights, cheap airfare, and I have never had a parking issue. Some of wich are items that Bradley seems to be failing at lately…..especially reasonable prices and direct flight. Check it out, very viable alternative for us CT folk !!

  10. Remember when commercial flights went out of Tweed, up to and including daily jet service to O’Hare on United? Yeah, I miss those days too…

  11. Yeah – I was there yesterday.
    And the 4th, and the 26th.
    I miss Stewart AP, but Westchester is similar. This summer it’s been difficult parking if you want to stay in the shade…

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