Cookie Diplomacy

Back when I was younger, thinner and apprehensive about a committed relationship Helaine used cookie diplomacy on me. It worked.

When I came downstairs today there was a large aluminum tray of cookie wrapped up and waiting to go to work with me. Helaine originally thought we were having a guest at the house. My co-workers benefit from her confusion!

This is the third time I’ve brought cookies to work. I’m not sure how my co-workers feel about me, except they really like seeing me when I have cookies for them.

I didn’t think about taking a photo until they were nearly gone. That’s Bob Englehart’s hand going in for seconds.

Back when I was younger, thinner and apprehensive about a committed relationship Helaine used cookie diplomacy on me. It worked. I always think about that while passing them out at the station/newspaper.

8 thoughts on “Cookie Diplomacy”

  1. When I was president of the Bridgeport Bluefish Booster club, the guys all knew me as the cookie and brownie lady! For 3 seasons,there were fresh baked goodies in the club house every Friday or Saturday night they were home. (and they didn’t last long!!!) It got to the point where they would come up to me and ask me to add their favorite treat to the repertory…. LOL was making banana bread and one of them said “it’s good, but there are no chocolate chips! My Mom always puts in chocolate chips”. The next week… I made 3 kinds of banana bread. With nuts, without nuts and with chocolate chips. The best way to people’s hearts is via their stomachs!

  2. I would love Helaine’s recipe for the thumb drop cookies. When I make them, the cookies melt and the jam runs onto the tray 🙁 boo!

  3. Especially around the holidays, my wife, kids, and I would bake things for treats and she would be sure that I brought some in for coworkers. It would always lighten the office atmosphere.
    But hopefully your coworkers do appreciate a treat now and then, Geoff. maybe it will catch on with them as well!

  4. They do look good. I’ve used ‘cookie diplomacy’ a lot over the years although it usually was cupcakes not cookies. Now I make candy (and candy covered cookies) which always goes over VERY well. The guys at work love to see me come in with candy.
    My former boss wasn’t so appreciative. I went to a lot of trouble to make Christmas candy for everyone in the office. She took the candy I made for her (in holiday gift bags etc) and dumped it in the customer candy dish. Said ‘I don’t feel like candy today.’ And she was surprised when I transferred out! Some people just don’t get it.
    Keep up the great work Geoff (and cookies!)

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