The iPhone 4S Is Here–So?

What was shiny and exciting a few years ago produces yawns today. That’s why so much of what was announced today seemed like catch-up.

“Disappointing.” That’s what my friend Peter just said on the phone. He was referring to Apple’s iPhone announcements earlier this afternoon. As Apple show-and-tells go this was subdued.

Though many expected an iPhone 5 instead it’s the iPhone 4S. Sure it’s reworked, but it will look the same and to many that will eliminate the cool factor that leads to some upgrades.

The iPhone 4S does have an upgraded CPU which should eliminate much of the lag that’s the bane of smartphone users. More efficient battery use is promised, as it always is. The 4S will also make my ex-pat friend Farrell happy as even Verizon’s version is now a “World Phone,” capable of working on nearly any cell network anywhere.

I did a story on the 4S this afternoon on FoxCT. There’s a limited amount of time available there let me expand on something I hinted at in my piece.

Apple has been an innovator and category killer in everything from smartphones to tablets to computers to music players. At some point a product becomes mature. That’s happened here. Others have subsumed Apple’s earlier breakthroughs. Often they’ve improved trails Apple blazed! What was shiny and exciting a few years ago produces yawns today. That’s why so much of what was announced today seemed like catch-up.

Many of Apple’s new features are already features in Android (and possibly Windows latest phone operating system which I am less familiar with). Other features like the Siri assistant were originally stand alone products. Apple can call them new, but I played with Siri before it was purchased by Apple.

To most people Apple’s strength is their control of every part of the platform. It’s their hardware, their software and apps they approved in their store. That keeps the process clean. Apple products just work and their user interface is incredibly intuitive.

Because I’m a geek at heart Apple’s end-to-end control is more a problem than feature! I don’t want them to be my nanny.

I am expecting my Andriod based Samsung Galaxy Sii any second now. I don’t think I’m giving up anything.

5 thoughts on “The iPhone 4S Is Here–So?”

  1. Same here, Geoff. I’m more “eh” on it. Sure, I’m an iPhone user, but I’m not crazy about this. I’ve owned Android before, and I loved it for its sheer openness and power it can produce. The iPhone 4S is good and all for a simple user who is not looking into anything groundbreaking. In my opinion, Android still leads with the features, customization abilities and the ultimate user-driven experience.

  2. I’m excited about it. Except for the looks and the screen, everything about it is new.

    Huge boost of CPU and GPU
    New camera
    Improved battery

    Those are great updates. I think it’s worth the upgrade for me, but I can see how not for others.

  3. I was disappointed, too, but I do see a potential silver lining – if Siri and the dictation feature works as well as TIm Cook would lead us to believe, perhaps it will cut down on the number of distracted drivers texting, swerving, and generally menacing the rest of us on the roads!

  4. Hi Geoff,
    I bought the Droid Incredible the day it came out and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s features surpassed the Iphone at the time and I am sold on the Android operating system. You are absolutely right about Apple playing catch-up with the Droid. Apple is so proprietary I really think the Android system will continue to add all kinds of innovative apps and features. I recently bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab (also android OS), and I am totally in love with it! I am sure you will love your new phone…good choice!

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