When Tracking Info Bites You In The Ass

This is the moral equivalent of pressing, then repressing, an elevator button! It doesn’t come faster, but there’s some small (false) satisfaction.

It has been well established I am anal retentive when it comes to tracking packages. If I order something I want it NOW! I have been known to check the whereabouts of my stuff every few hours.

This is the moral equivalent of pressing, then repressing, an elevator button! It doesn’t come faster, but there’s some small (false) satisfaction.

Wednesday I ordered a Micro SD card for my new phone from NewEgg. It was ordered late in the day. I was hoping it would be shipped immediately, but not totally surprised when it wasn’t.

In the past my experience with NewEgg has been mainly good. They’re a California company, but they have a warehouse in North Jersey and usually ship to me from there.

When my order finally did get moving NewEgg sent an email with tracking info and a complex diagram showing how their Egg Saver eliminated steps and made for a better experience.

Egg Saver shipments are picked up from our warehouse at the close of each business day by DHL Global Mail, who handles shipping from Newegg to your nearest USPS facility. USPS then delivers the package to your ship-to address with your regular mail delivery within 4-7 business days.

Since then I’ve been to the tracking sites (one for DHL and another for USPS) too many times!

My little chip&#185 was picked up from NewEgg at 5:00 PM Thursday, hit the DHL facility at 6:00 PM and was processed Friday morning at 2:15 AM.

It’s Saturday. As far as I can tell it’s still in Rutherford, NJ. My guess is it will now go to Wallingford then my local post office in Hamden. But when?

Why is it still sitting in New Jersey? if it’s not there (that’s certainly possible) why bother posting tracking info on stuff you’re not tracking? USPS seems to do that all the time.

I understand I ordered the cheapest, slowest level of service. I have no right to expect it sooner than next Friday (seven business days), but I’m still surprised it isn’t moving closer to its destination.

What kind of weird partnership is this anyway? How does DHL help? If NewEgg had put a 44&#162 stamp on an envelope and sent it out with the rest of the mail I’d already have it! The USPS estimate delivery time for First Class mail to two to three days.

I wouldn’t have the tracking data to get me upset. Instead I’d have the chip!

&#185 – The package weighs .0664 pounds, aka 1 oz.

12 thoughts on “When Tracking Info Bites You In The Ass”

  1. Geoff, Sadly its a Holiday weekend for the postal system on all levels! The Holiday weekend most likely begain for their system on early Friday — now the long wait until Tuesday! I hope you see it with your Tuesday mail. Many as you and I do track shipments. Good Luck.

  2. Patience, Geoff, patience! A little OCD about this, don’t you think? LOL This is what ordering from the web/catalog is all about! You could have purchased it from a store if you’re all about instant gratification!

    Try not to sweat the small stuff…’cause it’s ALL small stuff.

  3. And I bet it would have still been cheaper and have greater instant satisfaction if you just bought it at Wal-Mart LMAO. Hope it gets to you soon. Always amazes me how long it will take something to get to me. Like 3 weeks for a cook book I had won. hmm and it was literally in the mail for three weeks from Ohio. Gotta love the shipping industry .

  4. Ha ha ha.. the foibles of shipping. I live in the next town over from Danbury. My FedEx packages get delivered from North Haven! It is about 15 miles from my house to the Danbury FedEx facility. It’s 35 miles from my house to the North Haven FedEx facility. Go figure. My friend lives in Bethel. He’s literally tracked packages that circled his house but never arrived. They were shipped from NJ to Stamford, to MA, to Wallingford, then an exception and back to NJ. He paid extra for 2 day shipping. No refund.

  5. Oh, BTW, your package has to sit in Rutherford, NJ because it must be delivered in the 4-7 day window. No sooner, no later. 🙂

  6. I have often found, that when you choose the cheapest method of delivery, it only moves Monday through Friday. Weekends travel is not included, it seems.

  7. Geoff,

    I just fear the USPS services. I sold a beautiful MacMini computer last year with all kinds of extras and sent it off 3 day Priority Mail to another state. 30 days later it had still not been received and NO evidence of the package going beyond MA sort facility! 3 months later I received the insurance payment I had opted for when I sent the package and I have to tell you, it was a house of horror, what I went through to get my insurance honored. That experience, has brought me to believe NEVER use USPS. Not sure why carriers feel it is a good way to ship and switch that way. Never again! I opt now for UPS 3-5 day with no issues.

  8. There was one time that I was sitting at my computer, refreshing the tracking page. It said my package was still one state away. Then I went downstairs and found my box waiting for me. 😀
    Don’t always believe the tracking page…

  9. I can relate! I am currently tracking two packages, an HD DVR via FedEx scheduled for Tuesday and and iPhone cable for my car via UPS coming Monday. Checking every few hours hoping to speed up the process!!

  10. My husband will wait days to check the tracking info, I do a few times a day. Some places will hold on to the package for the whole week before sending it to you.

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