Package Tracking Update

I’m sure this makes sense to someone.

The one ounce Micro SDHC card I ordered from NewEgg has moved from Rutherford, NJ to Walpole, MA. I live under 90 miles from Rutherford. I live around 125 miles from Walpole. I’m sure this makes sense to someone.

For those just tuning in I mentioned yesterday a 44&#162 stamp on an envelope with my memory chip inside would have cost less and gotten here sooner!

8 thoughts on “Package Tracking Update”

  1. Geoff

    I am surprised that we have not had any recent Geoff posts regarding the Phillies (or Eagles)?

    For sports fans, both are major surprises.

  2. Geoff, Your to funny. I have had good luck with Newegg, twice ordered new printers and was truly shocked to have received it the very next day, go figure…

    1. Ozzie – That experience (J&R too) is why I began using them. However, that has changed over the last year or so. This change in shipping doesn’t benefit me at all.

  3. Maybe this is why the Post Office is losing money. These pinheads are shipping merchandise all over the place, because it is easier to slap a label on a package that is been kindly provided by the shipping service, along with and excellent salesman, promised support, and daily pick up from said service. What makes more sense is to make our USPS more desirable in the eyes of these kind on companies. Maybe the USPS needs to not only use catchy commercials advertising their services, but the hand holding these other companies provide!

  4. I ordered cans of coffee from Walmart (oddly, it’s by far the cheapest way to get it.) They shipped it out of Nevada via FedEx. Of course, the local Walmart is probably 5 miles from the house, but the coffee came on a truck from Nevada. I’m sure there must be some logic to that….

  5. I ordered a few items 3 weeks ago. They were on back order. I was notified last Wed (Oct 5th) that they were shipped that day. I have a tracking # that is 12 or more numbers long! Postage for this parcel is like $25.00—-and the address if I wish to return the items is Wallingford,CT! As of Sat, the 8th, they were still not here–in fact I had no mail that day. And today (Monday) was a holiday. They had best be in Tuesday’s mail—where did they ship them from—China??? I don’t pay that much postage& handling on items I order from Penny’s and they weigh more than what these articles of clothing weigh!! Barb

  6. As of 10/12–I still do not have a package. It was received in Moonachie, NJ (wherever that is)on the 11th at 1AM. It got to Wilmington,MA later that same day. Wilmington is North of Boston, but South of Lowell.On the 12th at 5AM it was received at USPS So.CT. I had better get it in today’s mail, or someone will hear my irritation. The pkg weighed just over 1/2 #.
    And I am paying $25 to mail it. The shipping co. was called Streamlite Inc. Seems to me, these mail order places should go back to the USPS—then maybe they wouldn’t be broke. Espec. since I had word on the 5th that the pkg left the warehouse. What is a buyers recourse???? Barb (PS) I live in Naugatuck!

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