Dog In A Bag

Doppler went in her bag, formerly Roxie’s bag! She was quiet, content and cooperative.

I have cousins who live in California. They’re getting ready to move east. Today we helped them look for a place in Duxbury, MA. It’s south of Boston, seaside, reminiscent of Madison.

It’s 3-3:30 hours from here. One of those places you can get to by two very different routes-I95 through Providence or I91 to I84 to the Mass Pike.

We’ve got Doppler now. Out-of-house trips must be more carefully thought out.

Doppler went in her bag, formerly Roxie’s bag! She was quiet, content and cooperative.

It was great seeing our cousin and Helaine’s good company. The trip went well.

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  1. Okay, your beautiful Doppler looks gorgeous in that carrier. But I have a professional question to ask…How do you keep her face so white!? Our new (about 2 months ago)rescue pooch is a white Lhasa. His beautiful white face is no longer…we wipe his face with tear stain pads and no-tear wipes…nothing works~What is your secret?

    1. There is a product on the market called “Angel Eyes”. It works for most dogs for tear staining. It’s a daily supplement you add to their food. You should be able to find it at any pet supply store or look for it on the web.

      1. I have four Bichons and Angel Eyes is truly amazing, m
        y dogs are pure white now after staining on their eyes and mouths

    2. It’s her natural beauty! She does have some discoloration, but it’s hidden in this photo. We have made a decision not to use chemicals for this.

    3. Donna, Sometimes it is the dog food or treats that cause staining. Also try bottled or filtered water, that help our best friend Oscar!

    1. Yup, portability is a great assest. My “guy” and I are off for a week’s road trip. He travels beautifully and secure in his own carseat. AND I’m lucky about his eyes, too (he’s a cream colored Havanes). Everyone asks me what I do to keep his eyes so clear and I do nothing expect occassionly remove the smutch.

  2. Doppler looks very happy–certainly a win-win situation. @Donna, we adopted a Bichon and were told to use filtered water (like from the refrigerator door) in his drinking bowl and that has worked for him/us!

  3. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo… that way you can get close to the eyes and not worry about causing discomfort. Works on our Bichon!

    I’ve heard about carrying a doggie bag, but that’s a little over the top! LOL… Doppler is a pretty girl!

  4. Donna from Hamden, it’s the food. Change to a very high quality brand and it will go away. It worked for our white poodle.

  5. Geoff – you are so lucky to have Doppler – white face or not. Thanks so much for rescuing. I don’t know what happened to Roxy but I am very sorry. I used to watch when she was on tv with you. Hope Doppler will reach that stage too. Keep sharing.

  6. Sounds like a splendid day – used to have relatives in Duxbury, and remember it as a lovely town, and it is reminiscent of Madison, y home town. Doppler looks like she knows just how lucky she is to have found you and Helaine…one happy pup, that’s for sure!

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