Poor Doppler

Doppler doesn’t have the advantage of reading! She is dependent on us.

Poor Doppler. She only joined the Fox family a few weeks ago and we’ve already sent her to the vet to have a tooth removed. She’s on-the-mend now, but she was a sad panda yesterday.

I have had teeth pulled. When the dentist is done you’re sent home with a list of instructions. Doppler doesn’t have the advantage of reading! She is dependent on us.

Her food has quickly shifted from dry to moist. Her treats have gone from hard to soft. No stairs for Doppler! At the moment she’s getting chauffeur service between the first to second floors.

She was wobbling yesterday, but a little more sure footed today. Hopefully she’ll be back to her sweet self within the next few days.

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  1. I hope Doppler was from a shelter or a decent breeder. Dogs or any pet from a puppy will show signs of illness. If you ask me puppy mills should be shut down.

    1. Bob – Doppler was picked up on the street by the Wallingford Animal Shelter. Helaine and I rescued her while her brother was rescued by our friends Cheryl and Steve.

      Shelters like the one in Wallingford always have dogs and cats available for adoption. If they don’t have what you’re looking for just wait and they will!

      We find nothing wrong with dogs bred for sale as long as it’s done in a kind and humane way. It was our hope to be able to adopt from a shelter and we’re glad we did.

  2. I have cats, but a favorite SOFT treat is MEAT BABY FOOD, they love it, it’s full of protein and easy to lick off a spoon or finger.
    Feel better Doppler!

  3. If the Vet gave you any antibiotics for Doppler, be sure to give her the entire course of them…even if she seems well.

    Infections in the area of a dog’s teeth and gums can be devastating.

  4. Poor baby! She’ll be back to her old self soon, but it’s heartbreaking when they are ill. She’s getting the best care, though! 🙂 She doesn’t seem to mind the chauffeur service!

  5. I am so glad to see that your rescue pup is on the mend. I am also glad to see you rescued a dog rather than purchasing one. There are so many dogs in shelters that desperately need a new home. Most people over look them because they are mixed breeds or don’t fall into the category their ideal puppy. That, and they are afraid of the “pitbull” breed. These dogs are usually only given about a month in some shelters before they are euthanized. So sad. I also rescued a puppy 3 months ago and to date we have spent a little over $5,000 on her for medical reasons. She has not gone 1 day without meds. Hoping she gets well soon because I would find it extremely difficult to be her personal elevator when she is 60 pounds!!!

  6. It is hard when they are hurting….even harder because they cannot tell you what they want; but it sounds like you and Helaine have it under control. From day one when she would not go to sleep at first, you saw the signs she needed to do her business, so you seem very “in tune” to her needs! She is lucky to have you both, and I am sure you feel the same about her!

  7. My heart fills with love whenever I read your posts about Doppler. She is a lucky dog. I have always enjoyed your weather presentations, Geoff. My parents were huge fans of yours, but honestly, since you’ve adopted Doppler, you have gone up about 1000 notches in my book. Anyone who is as devoted to their animal family members as you and your wife are– VERY special people.

  8. Why did she have to have a tooth pulled? She does have a sad face in your picture…meat baby food is a great alternative full of protein and healthy for puppies on the mend. Feel better soon Doppler you sweet thing.

  9. She’ll need some extra skritches and hugs over the next few days, but I’m guessing her new forever home is making her feel better.

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