The Secret To My Doppler Photos

Helaine and I were sitting watching football tonight. Doppler was next to me on the sofa. “That’s what you wanted,” Helaine began, “a stuffed animal.”

Helaine and I were sitting watching football tonight. Doppler was next to me on the sofa. “That’s what you wanted,” Helaine began, “a stuffed animal.”


Doppler’s laid back disposition is fine with me. The dog and we are still being molded by each other.

There are lots of Doppler photos on the blog. I like photography and especially dog photography.

Dogs look much more expressive if you shoot them correctly.

The photos in this entry were shot on my cellphone. Technique is more important than equipment.

Here’s the most important thing to remember. You’ve got to get down!

Shooting Doppler on the sofa is my little height crutch. Most times I just lie on the floor to get my shot. The camera is always low.

15 thoughts on “The Secret To My Doppler Photos”

  1. I have to work on this for sure. My lhasa Bailey is difficult to photograph for sure. I would LOVE to get better shots of her,and with her and my daughter, but I am still not getting it right. I will try your approach. Obviously it works! Your animal pics are the best!

  2. Great shots Geoff! (and BTW forget to thank you for answering my query about rotation in highs and lows, appreciated the lesson).

    Good tip on getting down low for the shot. But (and I think you’ll appreciate this) I can no longer take shots of Mya, our Golden. Year or so ago we had her groomed by a mobile groomer and I shot a video of it. I showed it to Mya a few days later on the phone. She went into hysterics, jumping, whining and then ran out to the gate in the yard to look for the groomer’s truck! Now, I can’t even turn on the phone in front of her. As soon as she hears the little click she goes bonzo thinking she’s going to see the clip, and I can’t even use the phone! I’m afraid I’m going to have to get her a phone of her own…

  3. Doppler is adorable, and obviously very happy and very loved. I love taking pictures of my Cairn Terrier. I get down on the ground at her level. Now I just have to get her to stay still for more than a nanosecond.

  4. The key to not having to get down for the photos….have a dog like mine. A great dane who is 37″ at the shoulder :). You are right about expressive your Doppler has a very fun look. My Howard is just plain funny. Thanks for keeping us posted on her she is a very lucky pupper to have people like you.

  5. Geoff, we have a chihuahua and I think I take more pictures of her then I do of my kids! Doppler is beautiful and as a dog owner and lover, I am always so happy when a wonderful pup gets a new family. Best wishes!

  6. she’s too darn cute. my beagle is very much like that. loves to cuddle and be wrapped in a blanket with us on the couch. she, too, is like a live stuffed animal 🙂

    love reading about her…keep it up 😉

  7. Such adorable pics Geoff. It’s like you said technique is more important than the equipment. Cell phones take pretty good pictures. I think one of the most important things in a good picture is capturing the moment as it happens, that is if it’s possible. You certainly have done that with Doppler, which by the way is a cute name. I wonder how you thought of that name………..hmmmmmm let me guess…………..Thanks for sharing your pics………..

  8. Molding with each other. I like that. So…what’s next in Doppler’s future? Pet Therapy Dog perhaps?? Check out Tails of Joy in Manchester if you’re interested. Tell them Frank and Angus sent you…

  9. Great advice, Geoff. When photographing kids & pets get down to their level. Eye to eye or is it nose to lens :). Shooting down connotes dominance, while level connotes equality.

    Great photos of a very cute pup. You must have a fantastic camera 😉 … just kidding, it’s 90% talent, 10% hardware.

  10. What a pampered pet! I would love to see outdoor shots of Doppler. BTW I love the stockings in the background…two with pawprints? priceless! Happy Holiday Geoff to you and yours.

  11. Love the picture of her all wrapped up in her blankie. Last year, I made a ‘snuggie’ for my sister-in-law in her school colors (Go Deacs). One of the dogs thought it would be much better for her to curl up on the couch in. She looks much like Doppler in her blankie, but in black and gold!

    Enjoy your puppy for the holidays. I’m sure she’d going to love whatever is in her stocking on Christmas morning, even though she got the best present in the world already – a forever home.

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