To The Fantasy Football Finals

I enjoy the game, but I’m terrible with names. Usually I don’t know players and still manage to mispronounce their names!

I Never Played The Game. That was Howard Cosell’s book. The title works for me too. There was good reason I was always chosen last in sports!

I’m not much better as a fan. I enjoy the game, but I’m terrible with names and who’s with which team. Usually I don’t know the players and mispronounce their names! Potent one-two punch!

Things have been better with fantasy football. I’ve done well over the years. I’ve certainly done better at fantasy football than real football! I’m a math guy and it’s a math game.

I snuck into the playoffs in our league at work then won in the first round. This week I’ve got the good fortune of playing a team with Eli Manning as quarterback. Oops. He had a negative score.

My opponent and I both have a single player to go, but I’m up by 35.45 points. That’s a huge margin.

A win this week and I’m in the championship game next week. Imagine how I’d do if I knew what I was doing!

2 thoughts on “To The Fantasy Football Finals”

  1. Your team is called “Icontinent Poodles”? How intimidating!. As Dave Barry would say, “… good name for a rock-and-roll band”.

  2. I came across your blog and thought it was very interesting because I also played against a team with Eli and by the end of Sunday night; I was also up my 35 pts. The ironic part is my opponent has Pit def last night. In my case I won by the huge margin, so I am heading to my first championship game. You won as well, I think. Congrats.

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