You’ve Seen The Weatherman Video, Right?

It’s pretty brutal. He’s obviously upset What he did was wrong. He probably regrets it now. Still wrong!

There’s a clip online showing KTLA’s Henry DeCarlo throwing a fit on-the-air (video at the bottom of this entry). It’s pretty brutal. He’s obviously upset What he did was wrong. He probably regrets it now. Still wrong!

I wasn’t there, but he explained his grief.

Often when the weather isn’t critical we are asked to do ‘soft’ live shots. He was doing one. But, if the producer doesn’t give you extra time it’s impossible to do the live shot and the weather.

It’s probable he hadn’t asked and wasn’t told. He was surprised when he got the first time cues.

However, if you’re in Market #2 you’re supposed to have enough restraint to hold it in until you’re through. No one needs to see the everyday conflict that’s part of every job.

In this regard I am not totally without sin. Gratefully it was pre-YouTube.

10 thoughts on “You’ve Seen The Weatherman Video, Right?”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of DiCarlo’s work, he generally “puts it out there” and usually it ends up being funny…turned out awkward in this case. If you want to see DiCarlo at his funniest, put in ‘intern coffee and KTLA’ in YouTube, only happened a few days ago.

  2. That was yesterday news…
    I think I would have been ticked off too…
    The guy in the studio didn’t help matters either, he was fueling the fire for sure.
    He took his “fit” as you call it on air and let it be known how he felt, I respect that.
    Better than reading about it for months after the fact.

  3. I was amazed by the unprofessional reaction of his colleagues in the studio. I would think their job would be to smooth it over, not pile on.

  4. i’ve seen him have a few meltdowns on morning news. he is a hostile child. think of the movie, “network”. probably has other issues in life interfering. this morning, he was reading birthday names and could decipher a name and said, “whatever” and then handed his ipad to a waiting sycophant. then he came back and read another name. then he came back and sat, all ruffled, amid the rest of the morning broadcast crew. obviously the elephant in he living room. contracts and all.
    he seems to have a good spirit, visionary, perhaps in the wrong arena. nonetheless, i am concerned for him. please don’t let this be one of those, ” i thought there was something strange about him,’ moments.
    peace to henry’s demons.

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