Doppler’s First Appearance On TV

Doppler has just the right disposition for television. She is calm. She is content. She is quiet. She doesn’t shed!

Stef asked if she could bring her friend Jackie to the station tonight. She wanted to bring Doppler too. Doppler’s first TV appearance.

Doppler has just the right disposition for television. She is calm. She is content. She is quiet. She doesn’t shed!

I have some video at the bottom of this entry. How it got here is a story of how TV’s changed.

When I first got into TV we were just making the transition from film to videocassettes. Everything was recorded on physical media–tape.

Today we use no videotape at all! As it aired our newscast was being digitized on a server farm in a locked and hermetically sealed room just behind our control room.

While the newscast was still on I walked to my desk, opened a web browser and called up a small clip editor. I set the in-and-out points, hit a button and watched as the video was deposited on my desktop. Then I dragged the files to a flash drive I carry with my keys.

For some reason the video won’t play on my PC at home, but YouTube found it acceptable so I uploaded it there.

Now the video is universally available! That’s crazy. It exists in the cloud.

The cost of entry used to prohibit anyone but a large corporation from owning a video production facility. Nowadays you can do most of it on your phone!

20 thoughts on “Doppler’s First Appearance On TV”

  1. She is a perfect TV dog…..what a dolly!!! Pretty cool how things have changed with video…..I still remember how lucky we were to have a color TV. …..oops …now I am dating myself!

  2. You have done more by showing her and her brother to show people that they should think of adopting rescue dogs and cats.That slide show did more than any commerical could. Doppler,her brother and any other dog OR cat out there waiting for a “Forever Home” need all the love and kindness they have missed.

  3. a natural…unbelievably camera-ready! adorable!!! thank you for supporting shelter pets, especially at this time of year, when many are running to stores to buy their next pet. save a life, don’t shop, “adopt”!!!!!

  4. I remember visiting the new haven station back in the late fifties. I was shown a new technology called a video tape recorder made by ampex I believe. It was as large ans a office desk or slightly larger. It could play tapes but the twpe was only good for 8 plays then the tape was tossed out. The speed of the reel to reel recorder was dangerous to be near. The head of the recorder cut into the tape with each pass. A fifteen minute tape was about 10 inches in diameter. We’ve come a long way

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