Going To Florida

It’s likely the TSA will look at their scanner and think I’m smuggling a few torpedoes!

I’m on my way to Florida in the morning to spend a few days with my parents. This was put together at the last minute so Stef asked, understandably, if everything was OK? Absolutely.

It’s supposed to be impossible and expensive to fly at the last minute, but we did well. Helaine originally found a return flight for a free Southwest ticket we have (expiring this month). She bought the “to” flight Wednesday, but kept checking back. On Thursday that flight also became available for a free ticket.

I’m not sure I totally understand, but because we acted within 24 hours she was able to cancel the paid reservation and replace it with mileage. We’ll check the credit card statement, but the website says it was refunded to our account.

I plan on shooting some photos so I borrowed a couple of lenses… big lenses. They’re in my carry on. More accurately they’re most of my carry on!

It’s likely the TSA will look at their scanner and think I’m smuggling a few torpedoes!

There are a bunch of good photo spots though my original intention to shoot surfers near the Lake Worth Pier looks to be undone by flat water. Damn you good weather!

Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing my folks.

Blogger’s note: Doppler is staying at home in Connecticut with a sitter.

5 thoughts on “Going To Florida”

  1. I’m intrigued by the big lenses! I’m guessing L glass? I’m jealous! Also jealous you will be enjoying florida! Have a great trip!

  2. I’m with Jessica, intrigued on what lenses you have. I’m trying to get down to Disney Wild Kingdom but I’m not sure on how to fly w/my 300 mm 2.8. Have a nice visit w/your parents.

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