When Geeks Need Geeks

I could read from the database, but I couldn’t write. No new entries. No new comments.

I probably know more than you do about computers and websites. That’s not saying much, is it? A meldown tonight at this website taught me how much I don’t know!

Geofffox.com is housed in a database. Over time it grew larger than what 1and1.com, my webhost, allows. They let me continue to get larger until it was 150% of their advertised limit then they shut it down! No warning.

This is my fault. Still a little reminder from 1and1 would have made a huge difference.

I could read from the database, but I couldn’t write. No new entries. No new comments.

I called the 1and1. They have new databases that could accommodate my data. Unfortunately the online form to do the transfer had a size limit and I was beyond it! Life’s full of Catch 22s.

I was lost… in over my head with no idea how to fix things.

I took a chance and fired off a message to Mike Pacific. He reads this blog, often comments and is active on Facebook. He moved from Connecticut to Oregon for a coding job. Maybe he knew how to wrangle my database?

Five minutes later (mostly spent in time consuming grunt housekeeping) he had moved me to the new space. I quickly edited the configuration file to reflect its new location and… HOLY CRAP IT WORKS!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever met Mike in person. Tonight he is my hero.

11 thoughts on “When Geeks Need Geeks”

  1. do you reccomend using 1and1.com? Is there a way to get unlimited space from them? I am starting a website for a non-profit just formed in CT, but we will be having a lot of videos posted, etc. I was going to go with 1and1, but now not sure. Thanks

    1. I usually recommend people post videos on YouTube. It helps in 2 ways. First, it’s free space, and also it’s double exposure, with some visits coming in from YouTube.

    2. You can get unlimited space. Whether I’d recommend them? All discount hosts have weaknesses. I’m not sure what to say beyond that.

  2. Wow I was wondering way my comments didn’t go in about the “Robo Calls” now I know,good things are up and running..

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