Newsies Are Excited By Food

Thank you Taco Bell. There hasn’t been enough access to always elusive Doritos until now!

I brought my dinner from home tonight. Helaine packed a really nice tossed salad with chicken. I was among the few eating healthy. Tonight was the night for Doritos® Locos Tacos!

I found out earlier this evening when asked if I wanted in. We were making an order ‘en masse.’

Thank you Taco Bell. Who else would be wise enough to realize there hasn’t been enough access to always elusive Doritos until now!

Actually, I was surprised. A Doritos® Locos Taco is only 170 calories, 80 of them from fat. That’s around half the calories of a DOUBLE DECKER® Taco Supreme®!

The DLT is a marvel of packaging. It comes wrapped in paper around a protective cardboard shell. It’s not until you pluck it from its housing (and hold it in front of a lit monitor) that you see how much (how little?) meat is onboard.

I checked with two diners. Our 10:00 PM producer Nicole whose taste I trust was favorably impressed. Video editor Manny found it, “Unexpectedly delicious without the Doritos mess!”

Wow Taco Bell. You’ve won over the newsies and kept Manny’s fingers flesh colored for one more night! Bravo.

3 thoughts on “Newsies Are Excited By Food”

    1. I was thinking the same thing Mikey. Worse yet, very little meat and it looks like all lettuce. I have not been to Taco Hell in a long time, Because I did not like the fact that they used a lot of fillers in there meats.

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