St Patrick’s Day Parade Two

No lie, I was excited about walking in the St. Patrick’s Day parade Sunday in New Haven. I spent 27 years on-the-air there. I know lots of people. Even more people know me. Doing stuff like this is my crack cocaine!

I met our group far up on Chapel Street and waited. This wouldn’t be as much of a wait as Saturday.

Meanwhile with a few extra minutes I walked around and schmoozed.

I visited Chaz and AJ from WPLR. They were up the block holding court with two attractive almost fully dressed young women (green stockings–nice touch). They were within spitting distance of a large group recreating Civil War era dress.

At the corner were members of the Emerald Society, the Irish police fraternity. I got to learn the story of Sidney and Libby Glucksman the Holocaust survivor husband and wife who owned a tailor shop on the block. Years of walking the beat yields good stories!

Everywhere I went I offered my hand. I said hello. Some people still think I left Channel 8 and disappeared. I’ve got to change that perception.

The parade began. Rachel Frank, Sarah Cody and I crisscrossed the street walking from curb-to-curb as our co-workers rode on our ‘float.’ I hugged lots of women, posed for pictures, petted dogs, picked up babies and shook hands. A few people told me they were my Facebook friends–very cool.

The parade route was under a mile and a half. Not the way I walked it! A GPS plot would have provided prima facie evidence I was drunk!

It was great! The sky was blue. The crowd was friendly. The temperature was just warm enough to be comfy.

You Irish folks know how to throw a party. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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