Here’s To Spring

There are lovers of winter reading this. I’m glad you’re here, but I don’t understand you. Why do you embrace the cold? Why do you fight the warmth?

“You can go without a coat.” The words are Helaine’s as I got ready to leave the house this afternoon. You’d think the weatherman wouldn’t need to be reminded. I didn’t! It was still nice to hear.

We are entering my favorite time of the year. It’s coatless season with the Sun’s last rays still visible after 7:00 PM.

We’re warm without being humid. We’re warm with cool nights. We’re warm without worry.

There are lovers of winter reading this. I’m glad you’re here, but I don’t understand you. Why do you embrace the cold? Why do you fight the warmth?

I looked up yesterday and saw the first buds on our trees. They’re growing day-by-day.

Soon bushes, flowers and trees will be bright with color. The colors don’t last as long as spring itself, but the color is what makes this season extra special.

79&#176 in Hartford today, 68&#176 in Bridgeport. Both temperatures were record breakers. It was a good way to usher out winter.

At the moment there’s nothing wrong in the world. Spring weather forgives all sins.

9 thoughts on “Here’s To Spring”

  1. I LOVE the Spring, yes I could live with Spring weather year round!!! So why do I live in CT??? Cause it is so beautiful here….grew up here, and I do love the changing seasons, but I am not a fan of the cold! I take comfort that it does not last forever….

  2. Belive it or not, you are getting warmer weather that SoCal at the moment. We’re supposed to warm up a bit, after this winter storm clears out.

  3. It’s easier to cool off when it’s colder out, Geoff, and that makes a difference when working outside. And when the air is dry and there’s’ any breeze, pollen flies around, and can cause a lot of misery in allergy and asthma sufferers. Just the same, I love the warmer weather and things blooming, too, even though my allergies make me ration time outside.

    By the way, growing up, my late father was a Fire Warden and taught us that springtime was “fire season”..(he fought brush fires and worked for the state.) This year it’s aggravated by all the leftover brush around and I just hope people will be careful of fires.

  4. Yes, I embrace the cold but I do not fight the warmth. I want each season to be like it used to be. As a child, we never worried about a White Christmas or having enough snow for sleds with metal runners. We spent the winter sledding, skating, building snowmen and forts. It was great. Now, as an older adult, I embrace winter for its beauty, the early dark leads to slow cooked yummy meals that can’t be enjoyed in warmer seasons. I love to see the red Cardinal at the feeder with snow as a backdrop. I love the silence that snow brings most of all. It’s so peaceful.
    I also love the awakening of spring. I love the smell of the earth warming up. I don’t smell that anymore. I don’t know if its because we lack our old winters or because of my allergies or because of where I now live.
    I missed the snow this winter. I missed having a “snow day” where I didn’t have to feel guilty about not running around doing errands but instead, could curl up with a good book. I missed the nights cooking and eating special meals for especially cold, snowy nights. I missed playing with my dogs in the snow.
    Now, however, I am ready to start my gardens and look forward to the delicious homegrown herbs and veggies. I just hope we get snow next winter!

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