Doppler Gets A Fur Cut

The newly shorn puppy looked different enough that Helaine walked right by her without realizing who it was!

Doppler saw Gabrielle for a fur cut at Hot Diggity Dog a few days ago. She, Doppler not Gabrielle, was getting very scruffy. We wondered how poor Doppler was seeing through all that hair!

The newly shorn puppy looked different enough Helaine walked right by her without realizing who it was!

Thank heavens Gabrielle didn’t remove any of Doppler’s cuteness!

17 thoughts on “Doppler Gets A Fur Cut”

  1. Hmmmm, something did not work out right here, my post is all wonky….
    I actually typed, “The picture with you”, but somehow it ended up with an “I” in the front and the post was split into 2 posts….very weird….sorry if I confused you with the bad grammar.

  2. They know how much cuter they are after a day at the “Spa”…..Molly always struts her stuff…and really enjoys the comps…

  3. My Tibetan Terrier gets a body shave and a face trim that preserves his mustache and long ears, but gets the hair off his eyes so we can see them.

    He really enjoys the attention and comes home strutting his stuff.

    And yeah, he still looks too cute and huggable as well…

    It’s money well spent, and with luck, the spa treatment will last a few months.

  4. Great cutting job, she is looking fantastic! She’s got the most expressive face of any dog I’ve seen, she is so very cute..

  5. One of my ‘fuzzy nieces’ gets her fur cut once it gets warm – and then she looks like a squirrel! Close cropped fur and a bushy tail. But she’s still cute. (Four legs, waggy tail, wet nose = cute no matter what kind of cut they have)

    Doppler – you’re still adorable

  6. Clearly Doppler came equipped with the “cute gene”. From the looks for things she also received the manually on how to use it! Not only has she enchanted the Fox family, but also all the rest of us.

  7. She is so sweet! My guy Mikey (Lhasa) doesn’t care much for the grooming appts. Hopeful that he will learn to love the pampering someday =)

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