On The Left Coast


Good morning. I am typing in bed on my tablet. That’s not the optimal blog setup.

I am in Southern California. More specifically Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley. We’re at the home of my secretive friend from The Valley.


Driving to Kennedy wasn’t bad! We made it in under two hours and had plenty of time to spare. Considering it’s NYC everyone was friendly and well behaved.

Jetblue occupies what was the iconic TWA terminal.  It’s been modernized and rebuilt.

Our coast-to-coast trip took under five and a half hours! For a Connecticut flier that’s amazing.

Putting TVs on each seatback is a good idea, but the technology looks old, though very functional. Jetblue’s seats seemed a little narrower than Southwest where we usually fly.

The bags came quickly and getting the car was a snap. I an driving a Toyota. Functional, but plain.


We headed to Sunset in Hollywood for a burger with Stef and a few friends. In and Out! Be jealous.

Once we got here Helaine and I sat out back by the pool and chatted with my friend til the wee hours. Cold but well worth the shivering.

It’s not sunny today. What’s the deal with that? Disappointing for the Golden State.

3 thoughts on “On The Left Coast”

  1. Meh, It’s supposed to get even cooler this weekend, with a slight possibility of misty rain in my area.

    This is the time of year we get “June Gloom”, which involves overcast and not-so-sunny WX.

    It’s great for working in the garden–ours is already blooming like crazy.

    FB on the In ‘n Out run. I’d be disappointed if you did not hit them at least once a trip for a real hamburger. My son comes down from Seattle, and that’s the first place he hits…

  2. Was it the In N Out Burger on the corner of Sunset and Orange? That’s my favorite! And yes, I’m very jealous.

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